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gsxr1000 vs R1 ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enzise, May 16, 2007.

  1. i know i wont be upgrading for a very long time (and i like day dreaming) but these are the 2 bikes that i am currently tosing up between. currently riding gs500f 04 model have had a look at both websites and still cant make a decision. also having bit of trouble finding dealer price for brand new model of each bike.

    im big guy, bout 6 foot 4 and 100+ kg's so i want to be resonably confortable on the bike. i know the only way to really find out is to test ride but if u have any insider knowledge that would be nice

    so wat im interested in if you feel like replying is your opinion on these 2 bikes pros cons personal experiances etc and if you know how much these go for brand new..

    thanks in advance
  2. Just choose the one which comes in your favourite colours, you can't lose.
  3. R1. gxsr looks like hyosung lol
  4. Rumor has it that the R1's are assembled by foreign midgets with a range of highly contagious diseases. Safer to stick with the Gixxer IMO.
  5. Undertail exhausts burn your #ss sitting in traffic on hot days!

    Decision made :grin:
  6. R1 is a fad. GSXR is a classic.

    People know my bike doesn't cut the mustard anymore, but still look at it like it's the GT HO of motorcycles.
  7. R1 All the way.

    A GSXR1000 is like a disease... you can only ride one-handed and you develop colored spots all over. :LOL:
  8. i kinda prefer the look of the gsxr but i heard they are a small bike as in for a big person it is a bit crapmed but i heard the R1 is bigger.. anyone else here over 6foot and ridden either.. can u comment on the seating position.
  9. They test each both on the track and road in this month's issue of AMCN for the superbike masterbike shootout.

    One came 4th and one came 1st, but don't read too much into that.
  10. get Honda VTR SP2
  11. Maaaaaate the R1 is the only true fooli sik bike maaaate. See you on chappooo.
  12. 6' 4' and 100 kgs, don't you love what a mess metrics have made of our measurement system? 100 kgs I can relate to but what's 167 cms, tall or short...?

    Anyway, you MAY find most sports bikes a bit cramped, and unless you really HAVE to have one, a less-focussed bike might suit you better, (perhaps a big naked bike with a basic fairing??).
  13. Ignoring the looks/performance arguement you really need to sit on these bikes and see what is comfortable. FWIW I am 6'4'' and ended up on the GSXR as I couldn't comfortably sit on any of the other 2006 1L jap sports bikes and didnt want to spend Ducati money. In order of "leg room": GSXR >> R1 >>> zx10r >>>> Honda 1000rr
  14. As soon as all the old people die we will be fine.
  15. Yeah. Reviews can be biased and all that, but by now I know of three comparos (AMCN, Rapid and online at Motorcycle-usa) and while the exact order below the top spot varies a bit, in all of them the same bike comes up as Number 1...