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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alexjennings, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm going to be upgrading my license and bike at the end of this year! I'm currently riding a GS500F and have set my sights on a Gixxer. Im just curious if anyone has ridden both the litre and the 750cc. Pros/Cons of each. I'm looking at '07 and newer model, I particularly like the fact that you can restrict the engine output with the different modes. I know at the end of the day its all about throttle control, but as its going to be a MASSIVE step up from the 500 I wouldn't mind having the peace of mind that comes with the mode setting.


  2. If you are so worried about it being a massive step up why not consider the 600?
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    how many miles / how long have you been riding?
    i'll skip the parental guidance bullshit,
    obviously both of those bikes are insanity personified

    the 1000 might be a better road bike day to day, less revving required but harder and heavier to handle in traffic and tight spots. obviously the most powerful.
    i have heard of three gp legends that say 1000's are too much.

    the 750 will be more racey, higher revving, ALMOST as much power, but easier to handle.

    i think the 750 would be a good balance between 1000/600
    most average riders would be faster on the 750

    its horse for courses really, do some research

    (if you don't want ten thousand times more power than you can handle at any time, forget about these bikes)
  4. I have the honda six and thou. I use the six daily for commuting and love it, rarely use the thou and will put it on the market soon. If i decide to sell the six as well i'll seriously consider the gixxer 750
  5. All things being equal, also take a look at insurance quotes. One may be much higher than the other which may actually tip your decision to which one to choose.
  6. 750's are awesome, best pick for the road. Nice and light like a 600 but they don't suck to ride on the road like supersports do.

    The 750 has plenty more grunt and torque, but only 3kg penalty over the 600.

    Unless you hit the track every 2nd weekend at least, supersport 600s are not the place to be.

    You dont need the power of bigger bikes, just the lack of torque from the 600s sucks for road riding
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  7. flip a coin
  8. If you can wait,try the 2011 model 750,front brembo's better suspension etc,awesome bike,pulled 10.87 at calder park,the 750s are not as small as you think,and the 1000s are not as big as you think,nothing wrong with the 1000s either,personally i would go the litre,but thats me,that way you dont have to worry about up sizing later.
    That's coming from a Honda fan with a 1137 missile,
    be safe too.
  9. it would be a hard choice for me.

    maybe i would lean to the 750 purely for the improved handling and best-of-both-worlds aspect.

    but if you wanted a 1000, i guess you wouldn't bother with a 750
  10. Get the 600 and save money by not using your brakes in the twisties
  11. The 750's are the same as the 600 except the engine.
  12. Hi
    The later models might be but the earlier 600s
    are slighty biggein size

  13. Huh? :S

    Since 04 the 600 and 750 have been the same bike with a different engine, and occasionally different suspension internals
  14. Fennell have a look at the earlier 600s some look like 750s + size wise. 2011 models upwards they do seem compact and better put together
    even the 1000s look like 750s
    and i don't like the sound the 600s puy out too buzzy
    Tracks a different story,but the roads not the track.
  15. I'm a little bit biased since i own a 2013 gsxr 750. i went the 750 cause i feel its the best compromise
    600's have nothing down low
    where as 750's have enough down low to get by but are in the same chassis as the 600.
    where as the thou is somewhat bigger and if you ever rev out a gear your doing 150km/h plus (i'm sure i'll get scolded for that comment from some people)

    also thought I'd end up as another statistic if i got the 1000.
    from 2011 the 750's only have two modes which just changes the throttle response. as the dealer described it you have A for awesome and B for B***h. i only use B mode for when its wet (like the day i picked it up!! brand new tyres and pouring rain)

  16. From 04 they are the same bike. I dont know about earlier, but for 10 years now they have been the same...
  17. Then it must be pre 04
    Must be pre 04 then.
    Anyway they are a well balanced bike
  18. Maybe, but i'm pretty sure since 2000 when they started the 1000, the 600 and 750 have been the same bike, because they only continued the 750 as a legacy thing when other makes dropped that capacity, they used the 600 everything and just whacked the bigger (internally) engine in there
  19. Yeh go the 750. Great bike :)
  20. The only problem with the 750 is that they are relatively expensive on the second hand market.