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GSXR1000 versus HD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 27, 2005.

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  2. YE GODS, even allowing for the American penchant for overstating everything, that's not a pretty picture. Has anyone crashed the latest GX in racing and assessed the damage afterwards?
  3. :LOL:

    Very unfortunate accident, the HD looks a lot less worse for wear, mind you I doubt he had the knee down around that corner!

    It's a bit hard to compar them too - sports bikes (unlike volvos) are designed to go really fast, not to have good 'crumple zones' :LOL:
  4. yeah, funnily enuff, most bikes are designed to be ridden, not stacked into HDs and guardrails :LOL:

    i've seen a couple of pics like this, and each time i just think "well, dont friggen stack it then" :roll: what do you expect? for it to bounce back up onto its wheels and gently park itself down the road undamaged and wait for you to get yourself together and ride it home? :LOL:
  5. Sorry guys, I think you are missing the point.....

    Bikes are not meant to come apart like this for gods sakes....... It has nothing to do with crashing or accepting the fact that things break, but they are not meant to come apart like this, EVER....

    I have been racing for many many years and have been involved in a number of accidents and have seen horrific high speed accidents also.... This is not meant to happen..... :(
  6. but i'm still yet to see one thats fallen apart in a minor stack or in normal to high stress use. if a stack has torn the thing apart like that, then i'd be guessing even an old steel frame would have bent a little, leaving it a write off anyways.

    you can look at it from two angles i guess. its stuffed completely and cant be re-used, so it wont be recycled as a trackbike or stuntbike, damn shame to waste a bike like that. but on the other hand, it might be for the best, straightened frames are weaker and may never be truly straight again, the snapping might have stopped a potential accident.

    in the end, ppls dont buy the new litrebikes because they stack well, they buy them because they're light and fast. unfortuantely, this combination makes it fairly easy to do this sort of thing IMO....
  7. Ten points to the Skuff, that is EXACTLY the point of the post.

    If I'm going to spend that much on a bike, I want to know that I'm not going to need a dustpan and brush to pick it up after a minor ding or drop, (which we all have!!!)

    NO BIKE should be written off in a crash with another vehicle at a (combined) speed of around 40 - 50 mph.
  8. I take your point Coconuts,

    But, it BROKE... It SNAPPED.... It SHATTERED..... DUDE, I have NEVER seen anything like this... They were onlt doing about 60mph at contact and that is it... Both riders were fine and walked away reasonably well if you ask me......

    Anyway, good point on the track bike... :D :D
  9. I think in the brochure it's called 'inbuilt write-off ensurance' - easy snapping of the frame ensures the bike is written off so you can get a new one. :LOL:
  10. Hmmmm, I wonder if the same applies to all bikes????
  11. that Suzuki looks like it was a suicide bomber's ride.

    HD = strong like bull
  12. i want one :D
  13. Give the guy in the post a call, and he can give you TWO; well two halves of one! How good were you at Meccano when you were little?
  14. nah i want 1 cause when i sit on it i'll have 2 :LOL:
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  16. Lovely Bunch of, has covered it a bit. In the desire to make these things lighter they are ultimatly compromising the structural integrity to a degree I suppose.

    With our lives we trust the engineers :!:

    What would be interesting thou is to see if there is a continual trend for K5's to desintergrate becuase of the lust and lure of losing weight for strength.

    If this then found to be a trend I can see a MASSIVE law suit pending in the States that could bring down Spewzuki. Those engineers do have a lot to answer for.

    Cheers 8)
  17. Suzuki would want to have a recall quicksmart prior to negligence cases starting, if those welds are the issue then it wont be long before someone on a K5 dies through no fault of thier own.
  18. Hmmmmm, looks like a faulty robot weld.
    This would affect thousands of bikes!

    Remind me to not buy one of these in the future.
  19. Just to let you know....

    I cart wheeled a motorcycle at 160km/h and the frame was straight.......

    I ran a motorcycle into the side of a hill at 75mp/h and the subframe was bent......

    We have alllllll seen footage of the World SuperBikes and how they crash and it is VERY rare for them to snap like this.

    Yes, I think Suzuki does have somethig to answer to....
  20. Tell that to an insurance company bro!! One scratch on your frame and it's a write-off!!
    Doesn't mean the bike is stuffed like the one in the pics but you'd be getting a pay out after just a scratch so I don't see how that bike would have gotten out of that head on crash without at least a scratch on the frame.
    The only people who would really need to be concerned here (if it is a weakness problem and not just a freak occurrence that people are knee jerking about) would be privateer racers who aren't insured and will crash lots. They can't afford a new bike aftre each off.
    The rest of you guys I'd have to ask why you'd even give a sh*t. Your insured and your bike gets replaced with a brand new one instead of one with a new clip on, some paint repairs and new lowers? HMMM I know which I'd prefer!!! :LOL: