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GSXR1000 to VT250F

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dsyfer, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I have a little 1983 VT250F in the shed I plan to give a makeover to for the misses. And looking at it today I sort of felt sorry for it, as it has been sitting in the shed doing nothing for a while. So I took it for a spin. After riding the new GSXR for 8 days (1200kms in its first week) it felt like getting on a tractor with ape hangers, such a strange feeling. It's still a great little flickable bike.

    Anyone else ride vastly different bikes?
  2. I've done fireblade to verago 250. It was fun and comfy, but I'm a power head so it's lack of that soon got me bored. But for a cheapy to cruise the freeways, was great!
    A good second bike, if I had the dosh.
  3. Not to the same level as Raven but I've ridden my g/friend son's Ninja 250 a couple of times (albeit, only to fill it up with petrol and check the tyre pressures etc.)... kept looking for the optional handbrake (to let it off). Fark me, rev'ed the tits off it and it still felt like a pensioner running in the 100m sprint who'd just had double-knee surgery and suffers from emphysema.
  4. We have an amazing ability to adapt almost instantly to something new, don't we?

    I had a 250 Virago as a loaner while my 600 was in for a service once; I thought I'd died and gone to hell!!!

    That said, we had an ex B-Grade road racer living down here and he used to reckon he could do Macquarie Pass as quickly on on his Honda 250RR as he could on his 50th Anniversary R1.
  5. I owned an Buell Ulysses and a Sachs Madass 125 at the same time, though probably what was even weirder was coming back from overseas where I was riding a Goldwing and getting on the Madass, i was like wtf is this thing.
  6. Ive been bikeless for a year sadly, a vt250 or any gutless thing sounds real good right now.
  7. Stepped off a daytona and onto a Spada. Split to the front at the first set of lights and then when green came went nowhere. Thought I was going to get honked. Took a few seconds for me to look in the mirror and realise the cars were back in the distance.
  8. There'll be a cheap, high mileage Hornet for sale very soon :wink:
  9. Cheer up mate, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. No doubt you've lived a full and hard life but you know what they say, you're only as old as you feel.
  10. Swapped my R1 with my mate that bought my first bike, a cbr250rr...and wow, bought back some memories i would have rather forgotten. Having to go through EVERY gear just to hit 70km/h where the R1 will do it in first and not even be revving much, trying to split moving traffic and forgetting there is only 40hp under my crutch (scary!)...and omg, that screaming little 4banger with a pipe....I was deaf after 10 mins!
    Still a great little first bike though....I had some great times on it back on my L's :)
  11. I just KNEW as soon as posted that that someone would pounce on it :rofl:.
  12. I thought it went "you're only as old as the girl you're feeling".
  13. i've done 5x track days on my 250RR, oh what fun, its an amazing handling little bike & a very forgiving learning tool, the outdated suspension just does not cut it on the poor quality of our roads & the weight of an average Aussie bloke, i think 600cc minimum for all round road riding is a must!
  14. Hyosung GT250R > Triumph Daytona. The difference was astounding.

    Also, had a hire bike, a GSX600F for a few days. I couldn't stand it. Felt so wrong, was like riding a truck.
  15. Swapped with my mate so he could have a ride of the 14........so........ threw my leg over his 650 V-strom ,Aghhh :(
    I knew I wouldnt like it as have ridden one before but Geeez..........although the 14 is considered a 'sit-up-and-beg' its got nothing on the Strom........

    Feet further forward, bars higher and wider, goddamn screen buffeting the hell out of the helmet......and that agricultural tractor sound.........

    Ok, it got along Okaaaay but........... jumped back on the beast and couldnt believe how low the bars felt, and how smooth and purposeful the inline 4 was :)