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GSXR1000, Still smiling

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dsyfer, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. I'm still smiling from the ride home, it's now done 80kms and all I can say is OMFG what a bike :dance:

    Got the hair dryer out for a de-stickering, will order a tail tidy tomorrow, then save for some pipes.



    meh, sorry about caps lock, just realised it...
  3. I like. They look at lot less boy racerish with the stickers removed.
  4. What a beautiful bike!

    Mine's now got 1100kms on it.. And its addictive!

    Heres mine, its got a single sided Yoshi on it:

  5. It was a toss up between the blue or the black, I like both colours, but the blue won out in the end. Did the yoshi make much difference, sound and performance wise?
  6. Better sound you ask?? Why yes!

    I have put the "shuddup" bung in the end of it because I believe it was to loud for the road (loud bikes kill)
    The weight saving was HUGE. I think the OEM twin pipes (with cat) where about 12kg, and the yoshi just over 3 (I dont like cats).

    As for the power.... I really dont know, I only rode it home from the shop before I ripped into it and took the ugly suckers off, What I do know is that there is about 0.000000 reasons why a road rider would want more power than these modern hyperbikes dish out...But, like I said.. It is very addictive!
  7. Yeah their nice bikes,have a go on the highways or country roads you cant go wrong,i have a 1100 cbr and i smile in my sleep so im told.

  8. Whats with the masking tape?
  9. It stops your glass spreading all over the track when you smack the tarmac after a fun highside.
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  10. Day 2, still smiling. It's now got 280kms on it, took the long way home from work=D>
  11. You got me smiling :D

    Ride it hard, i wanted a GSXR but got a R1, so consider me jealous,
  12. New pictures

    Gave her a polish, and she looked so good I just had to take some photos.





  13. Nice pics, good job cameraman ! You must be very proud of the bike.... for the love of all things shiny rip that stock can off!!
  14. Gotta wait for payday :cry: no money left.
  15. FFS take those reflectors off, please!
  16. Done. I thought they were part of the bolt, lol. Was going to go get two allen heads on Monday, didn't realise they just unscrewed :-s
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  17. Good job.

    Now please dont tell me that you have the dealer licence plate surround still on it!

    I'd think about dropping the oil out of it aswell, all of the "breaking-in" has been done by now and you really need to get that oil out of it and give some fresh stuff.
  18. lol, no, no dealer plate.

    Would you go another mineral oil, or straight to synthetic now?
  19. Synthetic, with a new filter.
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  20. Nice bike. Love the photos!!

    Im looking to buy one of these soon now that my bike has sold :)