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GSXR1000 K9 Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by removed-6, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Poor GSXR, it spent many years on the top of the heap but I get the feeling it's going to taste some humble pie this year with R1 being all the rage and Fireblade being just so good... oh well, what comes up must come down and all that.

    Girls and boys, this year you simply cannot afford to be seen on anything lacking the cross-plane crankshaft!
  2. Not judging by the first WSBK race of the season.

    That means everyone on a R1, I think not.........
  3. Next year they will all have it if it proves reliable.
    The Gixxer is still better looking IMHO.
  4. The best news is that the K8 will be run out the door at silly prices. Now where did I put my spare $15k.....
  5. You're right - race results are fairly meaningless to me because I think race-prepared bikes are different enough to be for all intents and purposes a different breed and in any case results depend on so many other factors: preparation, the team, the rider, or even just pure luck sometimes... I'm talking about comparing stock versions, and about the only race that matters in the end - the one to customer's wallet.
  6. ill admit that im not a huge gixxer fan.

    with that sorted, ill say that i reckon they seem like theyve been going down the same track the whole time. nothing new and exciting, just a revamp on what they had. in that way you know that nothing will ever go wrong, there are no illusions made by big words and lingo which noone understands. the raw figures are what you get and i think the gixxer does exceptionally well through all of that.

    i wouldnt buy one because for some reason ive never liked suzukis, but youd be stupid not to buy one if you are in the market for it. reliable, grunty and agile bikes are what get me going and i reckon it ticks all the boxes.
  7. Kind of a damning with faint praise review.

    Makes me want to look around for a good low km k5, though. ;)
  8. They seem to like it. 185hp claimed? Wowee :LOL:
  9. the k10 model will be a complete new design which is what they need to be back in the 1000cc game now that the R1 has taken the crown!

    will have abs, traction control etc no doubt...
  10. Unlikely Suzuki will bring a new design two years in a row. The K9 is an all new bike, and it will be with us for the next two years, for sure.