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GSXR1000 Exhaust Options

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Danco, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just looking for some thoughts/suggestions for a new exhaust on my 03 GSXR 1000.

    Have an error light appearing which indicates the Valve in the exhaust is not working correctly, and my mechanic suggested to get a new exhaust as it's the cheaper option (good excuse to get some mods happening too :))

    I've had a bit of a look on ebay and I was wondering if anyone has a Screamin Demon on their GSXR or has heard much about these Link
    I've heard of the brand before, but couldn't find any videos on youtube to know what to expect, soundwise for my bike. Plus, i think the colour would look nice on my bike.

    As the exhaust is mainly to fix the error, i'm not necessarily after anything too expensive, and am not caring too much about any power increases as such.
    My main concern is something that sounds nice, and is good quality.

    Done a bit of a search on the forums, but couldn't find much. So if anyone can give any thoughts/suggestions, or some links to videos of exhausts they have, that'd be great.

  2. Which error code?
    If it's a problem with a valve in the exhaust, I doubt buying a slip on muffler would fix the error (no valves there as far as i know). You'd probably need to buy a complete system, costing thousands rather then hundreds. Get more info on the error before buying anything.
  3. Campbells would look nice

  4. C46.
    The valve isn't in the muffler, its in the piping just below the muffler.
    I don't belive a full system is required, but just need to ensure that the slip on i choose comes with the piping (mid pipe?).

    A couple of the 'slip ons' i have seen on eBay specify that they do come with the mid pipe, but some don't specify.

    Won't be buying anything till im 100% sure, and will be confirming with my mechanic first, but just looking at my options for now.
    He was the one who mentioned looking for a slip on, so i'm fairly sure that the slip on's that come with the mid pipe section are what i'm needing to look at. The one's that are muffler only definately won't fix the issue, so will need to confirm with the seller's before buying also.
  5. Sweet. Just thought I'd check. Wouldn't want to waste money and not fix the issue
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  6. I put a full yoshi system on my now dead 08 gsxr1k.. Part of the install was to pull one wire from the ECU as the new exhaust didn't have the valve and if you left the wire in, it would throw constant c46's.. You also had to remove the cables that operated the valve but left the motor that drives them in...

    If the valve is not opening all of the way, you'll probably find the top end struggles a bit (over 10k revs).. You may or may not notice this on the road..

    For my 01 gsxr1k, I pulled the wire but only put a slip on onto the bike. Can't remember what I did with the valve

    Lots of good gsxr info on this page and he goes into what I mentioned above.

  7. Yeah i found that site originally when i was looking at the issue, thanks for the link, will have another look.
    Then my bike was due for service, so just got him to look at it while servicing it anyway, but now here i am again, haha.

    I notice the struggles tend to occur around 7k rpm... unfortunately i don't make it to 10, lol.

    Anyway, heading back in the original direction (i mean... even without the error code, an exhaust change was on the cards at some point... as well as a couple other things ill change once this is sorted :)), any of you guys know much about the Screamin Demon exhausts?
  8. Hey, nice choice of bike. Its my bikes twin. Mine's got a yoshi rs3 s/s, it was on it when i bought the bike, but i was also given the original with it and i can see that the new pipe joins up at the middle eliminating that butterfly valve, if u know what i mean. I can take a photo of the original that came off the bike tomorrow and show you what i mean. BTW the bike sounds real nice with whats on it now.
    By jpucko at 2012-04-29
  9. Nice looking bike Pucko (y) Awesome colour too ;)

    Yeah, mayaswell post the original of what came off the bike if you can. From the photo above it looks like the piping is replaced in the location of the valve as the piping is flat, the original piping has a bit sticking out where the valve sits.

    Im still tossing up whether to get a carbon fibre muffler though as i think it'll look good and match my carbon fibre front hugger (and rear, to come in near future).

    Still liking the look of the Screamin Demon one also in my link above.

    Hmm... decisions. I think the Yoshi's sound real nice though, it's mainly just the price difference atm :confused:
  10. Here you go.
    By jpucko at 2012-09-14
  11. Yep, the end of that piping i believe is where the valve is located.
    So provided whatever i buy replaces all that is in the above picture, it'll fix the issue... after the cabling is disconnected to stop the ECU searching for the valve that is :)
  12. See if you can get a sound clip of a D&D system. They do full systems for some, not sure about the GSXR1k, and sound totally tits, better than the Yosh.