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Gsxr1000 brake disc/pad

Discussion in 'SuperSports' at netrider.net.au started by Delta1, May 8, 2016.

  1. I hav new front disc rotors & pads on my bike the pads r touching the disc so resistance lowering my mileage from 300 to 216 per tank :(( anyone know a good brakes mechanic ?? My guy keeps telling me it's ok :(

  2. Ebay discs and pads by any chance? Or factory items?
  3. Did you clean the caliper piston thoroughly?. Pads should fall back off the discs after brake use.
  4. Generally the pads should always be in contact with the disk rotor, however not enough to stop the front wheel from turning freely (just as they are on a car).
    Use a paddock stand to test the front wheel for dragging. If the front wheel exhibits excessive drag (check the service manual), check bearing preload on the front wheel as well as the brake callipers for proper pad fitment.
    If your fuel consumption has changed by 25%, I would first check tyre pressures and what other influences may have caused it to change (such as excessive the type of fuel you're using {ethanol blend?}, warm up times, traffic and any other maintenance work that may be contributing factors)