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GSXR1000 2010 model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, May 4, 2012.

  1. I toook one of these for a test rider earlier and was blown away by it.
    I am so close to making the call to buy this bike, but before I do I just wanted some opinions from you guys,
    Pros, cons, anything to look for, problems, anything really.
    All info welcome.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. No problems with the bike at all. I love mine.

    As long as the owner has looked after it, and you get it for a good price (its a buyers market) then go for it!
  3. Rec/regs fail but apart from that there a weapon. Buy it!
  4. Anything to worry with maintenace or servicing?
  5. What do you mean?
  6. As long as its been done, and the service book hos been stamped (by someone other than PS!)


    I've had one from new, as has a mate of mine and I aint heard that one before. :-s
  7. Call has been made, this is going to be a long ass weekend now.
    Hate the waiting game.
    Look out monday.... :0)
  8. They are amazing machines.
    Plenty of down low for just cruising or commuting, but the party really starts above 9000rpm, and the speed with which it gets there is just freaky, don't unintentionally twist too hard without being ready, had the tank hit my chest a few times when I forget how much power the thing has.

    It would help if you have a few different licences in different names however, the acceleration is very addictive :demon:
  9. Yeah great bike.
  10. If you decide to give your M109 away for free I will take it off your hands.