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GSXR Temperature

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by a-man, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. I have just bought a brand new K7 GSXR 750, and on my first ride in light traffic early in the morning the temperature got to 105 before I got concerned and switched it off.

    I have owned GSXR's in the past and they ususally run around 85 - 90 in these types of conditions.

    Does the temperature reaching 105 for a brand new bike sound normal?

  2. Modern bikes run quite hot in traffic.

    A brand new bike during breakin time will run hotter than normal due to the extra friction.

    Don't let it get too hot though. If in doubt, call the shop you bought it from and ask them for their professional opinion. That way if there is a problem, you're covered for warranty.
  3. We get this sort of question regularly. Engine cooling systems operated at above atmospheric pressure. The result is their normal operating peak temp is up around the figure you are describing or maybe a bit higher.

    also bare in mind that the temp senders on mass production vehicles are pretty inaccurate and it also depends very much on where in the system it is located.

    So it may well be your old bike was seeing water temps even higher then this.

    also keep in mind that bike cooling systems are not as efficient as car systems, due to space, so they do rely on you moving, even though you have a fan. Did the fan kick in?

    I'd say it's fine, but check on a gsxr forum to get an idea of typical indicated temps for your model.
  4. Should be fine mate.
    My R1 cooks in traffic (up to 115) when it was brand new, now up to 105. Traffic is not the place for hyperbikes.
  5. same with the R6. Mine ran slightly cooler after its 1000km service, so yours should too. But still runs extremely hot. The fan kicks in at 100 degrees but it will go higher.
  6. Don't stress, the fan kicks in about 105 anyway. Mine sees that temp regularly in traffic.
  7. 108 for my CBR fan to kick in, happens very quickly in slow traffic. What you have is pretty normal.
  8. If in doubt go around the traffic :p
  9. my k2 gets to 105 in traffic then fan kicks in.it has never been higher than that though.