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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Oldman Prof, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all, this is a bike I can find no info on,the only manual available is in Japanese and I'm waiting for one from somebody in the UK ,by I'm going to try here anyway,,,what I'm looking for is the ohms reading for the coil and the float level hight,I'll put a pic of the bike on too.


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  2. Isn't the GSXR250 the same as the Across?
  3. It was in Australia, I believe, but that's a different beastie altogether, mainly seen in Japan according to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzuki_GSX-R250

    I'm a lot more interested in the E Model XS-650 Yamaha in the background :LOL:!!!
  4. Morning guys,,well morning here anyway,Actually as far as I can find out it's not the same as ANYTHING,gsxr forums cant give me info all they can say is the manual is only available in Japanese but as I say I'm waiting for one in the mail and hornet,I wish that was a 650,It's a 1981-sh,(not sure exactly) XS1100 special I gave to my son,I got it back now that he has his 900Ninja,o well back to the workshop to pull the rest of the plug caps,the one I took off last night was giving me a reading of 9.3 on the 20Kohm scale on my test meter and they supposed to be in the region of 10 ohms,the bike was given to me with a "carb" problem but I am going through all the ignition electrics after I found out the bike has NEVER run properly at lower revs,,,,WHAT FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well people I got it,actualy I'd like to meet the @#$% the worked on this bike,it is one of the few bike I've worked on that has only three wires from the pickups,I can see that from the loom,blue-neutral,green+white tracer and brown,,blue splits up to bothe pickups and others,one to each pickup,this @$$hole had the other two bridged so 1+4 were working and 2+3 stopped after a few seconds,confusion was getting the spark while cranking(testing) but dead while running,well live and learn,hope that helps somebody else one day,moral of the story,check for the problem yourself,I cleaned the carbs twice because the customer told me he had messed with the carbs himself and it was a carb problem.
    Untill next time
  6. one of the fastest 250cc 4 strokes? I read the wiki link hornet posted.. 200kmp/h top speed?!
  7. The rain has finally hit Cape Town so I don't think I'll be testing that theory today but if what I know about these little speed machines they are governed and I see this ones speedo reads 180kph,