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gsxr probs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kristyjaffray, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. gday, just wondering if anyone has had a similar prob or can shed any light. i have a gsxr600 k4 which was running perfect. all of a sudden there was a loss of responsiveness and what felt like power. put it on the dyno and it is running rich through the mid range but still making 96 hp. no errors are coming up and the dyno graph suggests no loss of spark. everyone is puzzled. doesnt seem to be the fuel as it has been changed. any help appreciated greatly. cheers.

  2. So you have yet to actually try anything mechanical?

    Change the plugs and and leads, is it only happening when your under power?

    Put some load on it going up hill and see if it coughs and splutters.

    What fuel are you using also?

    Id be trying some new plugs (Always gap them first) then seeing if its still doing it
    then new leads, after that whatever else i can do myself cheaply.

    Let us know how you go, (it could be your just sick of a 600)
  3. Have you checked the aircleaner?

    Maybe a be a bit of crap caught in one of the injectors holding it open?

    Is it only rich in the midrange, not low or high rpm?

    Does it have a Power Commander?
  4. air cleaner checked. running rich just in the midrange. the guy doing the dyno uses a power commander but i havent bought one yet. the mechanic is 95% sure its electrical but as its not coming up on the computer as an error it makes it hard to pin point. will start with the obvious like throttle sensors and work through i guess. just hoping someone had seen something similar as it could be a log drawn out affair. i probably should run some injector clean through as well.
  5. Injector cleaner has never worked for me or anyone else I know, whip'em out, there are plenty of 'on site' cleaners that will come to you and clean them properly, Cost me $30 to have all 8 checked from my 1000K6, to have them cleaned would have been about $30 each but mine were ok, even after 70,000 km's!

    (My problem was lean at full throttle, turned out to be a blocked fuel pump.)