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GSXR only, P/Island track day - Fri Sept 29

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hey Guy's, I just booked in for the inaugural 'GSXR only' Phillip Island track day for Friday September 29. It's for any model GSXR and they don't have to be registered. The cost is $179, call 1300 793 423, there are still some spaces, fast group is sub 1.50, there are four speed/skill levels.

    There will be a total of 140 riders, 35 per group and 6 sessions per group.
  2. Can people come down on other bikes to watch? (if so, cost?)
  3. I haven't got Gixxer but I do a TLR and it's a Suzuki...

    Hope you guys have fun
  4. Hmmm sounds tempting - I will need new tyres by then too, so I guess I had better start saving

    Oh and plan to not lose the front end at Siberia again :)

    Double Oh - can we hire one of the two secret 675's Steve has down there??
  5. GOD DAMN! :evil: :evil:

    Holidays are supposed to be fun, now I'm just gonna be thinking about missing the GSXR track day :evil:
  6. So do they have dedicated track days for other sorts of bikes?
    Or is it just Suzuki riders that have fragile emotions.
  7. They just don't want to include all other makes and have to have 10 slow groups! :LOL: :p
  8. Ha!!! :LOL: I think the pussy Honda riders club started the woose ride days! At least at GSXR days you can bring a race bike!
  9. Lucky your my friend MR O. :LOL:
  10. :grin: and I'm your my friend. I wasn't calling Honda riders "pussy's" just the people that decided to exclude us other 'friends' on their track days.

    :wink: lol
  11. I no,just messin with ya :p
  12. Ha! cool, I'm just messin with you Honda pussies :wink:
  13. LOL, well i didn't mean to shit stir quite that much but anyway.
    I was more interested if they have other category ride days, like 'early-90's sportbike days' and 'cafe-racer' days and the like. There's not much point me trying to dance with the newer sports bikes as my beasty weighs a heap!

    I haven't gotten into the track day thing quite yet. I'm looking to get a start out at Broadford one day, then perhaps with a bit of confidence head down to PI.
  14. sounds good but ill be working
    :( :(
    could of made it a sat or sunday
  15. Anyone else go to this?? I had a ball! Will definitely be booking in to have another go. What an awesome track. Picked up lots of tips while there from other people and the instructors and so on. Shawn Giles (Aus Superbike Champion) was there having some fun, eclipsing the fastest rider in the fast group. No timing done though so who knows.