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GSXR on the eastern, naughty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by booga, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. After coffee tonight I headed for the Eastern Fwy, got on and felt the usual loss of power that comes with no petrol, so I put it on reserve and pull off at Chandler and headed South to the ?Ampol? just at the Kew turn off...

    Filled up and said howdy to another biker, and then took off North on Chandler and headed down the eastern. The same time i turned onto the Eastern a Yellow and Black GSXR entered from the opposite direction of Chandler and I let him infront...

    He took off down the eastern at a rate of knots and I was thinking to myself, "fool, have you even checked for cops"... next thing I knew, yellow highway pursuit car flying even faster than the bike chasing him, all i saw for a couple of minutes was red and blue lights weaving in and out of traffic.... the GSXR was obviously running from Mr Plod...

    Did anyone else witness any part of this? My suspicions lie that the cops were chasing him from a while back and didn't get through the traffic as easily at the rider did... Pity I missed the number plates...

  2. Wait for a bit, it'll prolly go on youtube in a day or two :roll:
  3. :rofl: I sure hope so
  4. i hope so as well:grin:
  5. damn dude im totally busted now :( pls dont tell my mum
  6. Go bike!! beat that pig! :LOL:
  7. what if he was on a stolen bike?
  8. And why would that be, exactly?

  9. err...go pig! :LOL:
  10. You mean of the police car right? cause if you mean the bike...thats really low man...riders don't do that to other riders.
  11. The actions of other bike users on the roads affect all bike users, not just themselves. If only for the reputation and the way riders are treated, by the breaking of laws by these people.

    Most importantly would be the attitude of road users other than bikes - cars etc, who see this kind of behaviour and judge all bike riders, making riding for decent bikers much more difficult, possibly dangerous.
  12. Motorcyclists are always gonna have a bad names no matter what anyone does.
  13. This seems like a fairly arduous task...if only we had some kind of Government funded body to go around policing this kind of stuff so that it wasn't our responsibility to nanny each other....
  14. Oh, you mean a vigilante group that runs around stealing bikes and beating-up their riders, because they don't like the way they ride? :roll:

  15. Or even.....the police? DUN DUN DUHHHHHHHH!!!
    Just putting it out there.
  16. OMG!!! Are you seriously trying to say that you would RAT on this dude if you had of got the rego number :eek: :shock: :shock: :evil: !????
  17. No, its because we are on "death machines" and so on.
    To the general eye all motorcyclists are people with death wishes no matter how fast or slow we are going, and last time i checked things like this gives us bad names, just a different type of bad name.

    Im to tired now to go into full detail on it all.
  18. Hah! Was wondering whether you'd ever show up on the forums. Curiosity got the better of you...

    Whaddya mean old fellas of the forum?! I'm an old sheila of the forum :p
    When can we go riding on the spur again, oh mighty Nath? Whoops sorry I mean fatboy?? :twisted:
  19. #62 on list of things to do b4 I die

    Police Chase/Pursuit - Either car or motorcycle

    I'll wait when im in my 60's though -the misses would kill me
  20. blackprince (or at least I think so). In any case, not a noob.