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GSXR oil cooler

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gixxer11, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Help!!!!!
    Have copped a stone in the oil cooler and it has ruptured one of the cooling tubes. Luckily it started to leak not far from home. Looked real bad at first as I went around the block and it had started to leak during that ride and had oil leaking out the fairing.
    Is there anywhere that can repair, am I better trying to source one from a wreckers, or is there reconditioned ones about?

    Suzuki has just quoted ............ $1030 for a new one
  2. You may be able to have it repaired at a radiator repair place. You might have to ring around to find one that does aluminium (it is aluminium?).

    Other option is from a wrecker. Be sure to get one that is from a crashed bike, not a bike with a blown motor, else it could be full of metal powder from the dead engine that will kill your engine.
  3. You may be surprised at how much a wrecker will charge!
    It most likely will be cheaper to repair yours if the rest of it is in good nick. Then fork out for a guard. For less than $200 you'll never have to worry about it again.
  4. Thanks guys.
    I will be seeing a wreckers tomorrow and see what they have. The radiator places I rang today could not fix and aluminium oil cooler even tho their advert said they could do aluminium welding :? .
  5. Hi,

    I recently had a crack in one of the cooling runs for my radiator. It was fixed by crimping and blocking off the defective run. My general rule is that you can block off 10 percent of the cooling runs for any radiator before you would need to replace it.

    You should be able to conduct a similar repair for an oil cooler. Perhaps if you rephrase the repair request your local repairers may be more accomodating.

    By the way my repair was done by Better Radiators in Lidcombe on Albans rd. Cost me $30 and they even painted the radiator for me. See if your local repairers would be able to conduct a similar repair.


  6. No joy this weekend trying to find a decent one.
    Have been looking into the after market ones from HEL, Goodrich etc at around the $700-800 for a complete kit. The kits inc braided lines fittings mounting bracket and cooler suited to the specific bike model.
    Looks like will be off the road for a couple of months scraping together the $$$'s for rego and repairs now :(.
  7. Have you thought about looking interstate for a repair?
    Postage is not that expensive.
  8. Phone up a few radiator places, you should be able to get it repaired.

    I holed my radiator on my Gixxer 1000 K6 and got it repaired for $100 not including labour.
  9. I have finally got the oil cooler fixed after much phoning around and driving here there and everywhere just to be told it couldnt be repaired. The repair cost just over $200 and they found a couple of other cracks that they fixed. The repair dont look exactly pretty but it does hold pressure, they tested it up over the 100 psi and it held pressure fine. 85psi is the pressure of cold oil at 3000rpm and 83psi of the hot oil.
    Fitted it up and no leaks. The oil has a milky look to it thru the sight glass, which I have read elsewhere is condensation so I will see how it goes after a run.

    Thanks for the advice
    see you on the road