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GSXR Letter and Number name's refering to year

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dimi, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to make sure (bit of a noobie question).

    K1 = 2001 Model
    K2 = 2002 Model
    K9 = 2009 Model
    K ??10?? = 2010 Model

    And what about the models previous to 2001 if thats correct? I would really appreciate someone to set the model names straight for me as im having difficulty with it 8-[](*,)

    Thanks for answering the noobie question :)
  2. Pretty much, but not quite:

    New GSXR1000 is actually 'L0', just to be confusing. Guess they didn't want to go into double digits.

    Before the K-series, the 2000 750 (first of the new shape) was called the 'Y' - don't know why, it was identical to the K1 a year later, so probably just to get the numbers lined up. K1 600 and 1000 started for the 01 model year, so straightforward.

    Before that the old cockroach 750 and 600 SRAD models were also just letter designated: 96 model was the 'T', 97 was 'V', 98 was 'W' and 99 'X'.

    Older still 750 and 600: 95 = S, 94 = R, 93 = P, 92 = N, 91 (750 only) = M, 90 = L, 89 = K, 88 = J, 87 = H, 86 = G, 85 = F.

    Clear as mud?

    Just for the sake of confusion, the 750 was fuel injected from 99 onwards, the 600 from 2001, and the 1000 from it's inception in 2001.
  3. DarkHorse, YOU my friend are a LEGEND!

    Thank you very much for clearing that up!

    One more thing if possible, was it basically every 2 years that the bikes got redesigned more than just cosmetics?
  4. Is that a obvious yes? hmmm probably...
  5. Sorry mate, didn't see you'd responded.

    Unfortunately it's not quite that simple. It depends largely on whether you are talking about the 600, 750 or 1000.

    I had a 2000 750, so that's what I am most familiar with. The next major update was 04 (although there were tweaks to the injection in 02) then a reasonable update in 06 and a significant one in 08.

    Google GSXR model history to get more info... www.suzukicycles.org has a good rundown of each.

    Are you looking at buying one? Which one? Happy to give any advice I can... www.gixxer.com is a great resource too.
  6. Not a problem Darkhorse, yes i am thinking of buying in the future.

    I've signed up to the gixxer forum recently (as dimi lol) and ive been doing some reading every day or so specifically in the Y2K and above specific bike topic. I'm nearly pretty much set on a 750 as my perfect all-rounder and when its finally time to upgrade (still got a lil while, maybe 6-months or so depending on certain things as im moving house very soon). Would be looking to spend around 8k to get a decent well-looked after bike in the early 2000's.

    Just trying to understand what models have what flaws/improvements so i know what im looking at as i want to be well informed when i buy stuff like this.

    Thanks for the links! and the 750 info :)
  7. Sure thing.

    I sold my 2000 750 a couple of months ago. Search for username rcanning there or some of my old threads here for some info.

    For $8k you should be able to get a 05ish model 750 in good nick, might get lucky and find something newer. They are great bikes. The only problem that seemed to constantly crop up is stator and reg/rec failure, which can be a frustrating and expensive fix (cost me more than $300 to get the stator re-wound and nearly two weeks off the road.)

    Feel free to shoot me any questions, anyway.
  8. I've got a 2000 750 also. Great bikes. Only thing I would recomend is upgrading the brakes from stock. Get some better pads and steel lines to get rid of the 'wooden' feeling. Mine is a spotless 2000 with under 30,000kms and I paid 6.5 last year. For $8k you should be able to find a nice k4+.