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gsxr k7 rattle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by theredbuddah, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,in the process of running in my new k7 gsxr 750 and I have noticed a kind of click/rattle @5-6000 rpm.Has anyone got any ideas? :?:

  2. sounds comes from front, between your legs, or back?
    whilst moving or stationary? or both?
    is it an electrical zap/click sounding thing?
    does the frequency increase with increased revs?
    does the frequency increase with increased speed? (ie same revs but different gear, or same speed different revs?)
    do you have any mods to the bike?

    ps: read typhoons sticky in this forum ;)
  3. The bike has 600Ks on the clock no mods.The sound comes from between the legs(I think),whilst riding.It only seems to happen @ 5500-6500rpm.It is a clicking sound(again I think)but at that rev range, while going over rough road it clicks alot more until I rev it further.
  4. I've got a K6, I found that I had problems in the 4.5k - 6k rev range also. Not so much a clicking sound, but I resonating whirring noise. (engine also tends to vibrate more at these revs)

    Chucked it in for first service and let em test it. Told me the camchain tensioner was busted. Replaced it under warranty. Got it back and didn't feel like anything had changed. Just about to chuck it in for second service so will ask em to check it out again.
  5. Very normal for engines to have a resonant frequency range.
    I wouldn't be too concerned at this time unless it gets louder or starts happening at different rpms.
    Remember that bikes don't have the luxury of shet metal and insulation between you and the engine, and often fairing design amplifies noise.
    It may not even be part of eh engine rotating assembly, may be another component rattling at that frequency on the bike. Further inspection required, try duplicating the sound on the side stand by revving through that rpm range, and use a piece of flexible hose held to your ear, and move it around close to the engine till you find where it is coming from.
    I bet it's just camchain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. This may sound silly but could it be your clutch lever? At high rpm there is a buzzing sound on my bike, I always wondered what it was (from engine to my keys) but it stops when I touch the clutch lever.
    Just a thought.
  7. Thanks guys ,I will tell them at the 1000k service and see what comes from there. :?
  8. I test-rode a couple of GSXR600s (06 & 07). Both had an annoying sound just below 6000revs. I was told it was the induction noise that is supposed to be a good thing! It hurt my ears, so I didn't buy it.
  9. GSXR 750

    I have GSXR 750 K7 bought friday before last and has 850km on it. Coming up to it's first survice. Havn't noticed bad noises at 6ooo rpm, but i do find it anoying around 4500 rpm mark. Doesn't sound like anything wrong just doesn't like low revs. loVE THE BIKE BTW :grin:
  10. Just got the bike serviced and now it sounds like a dream. Revs the whole range more freely and most strange sounds have gone. :LOL: :p :shock:
  11. Excellent new, Sav. Always good to have worrying things fixed without too much expense.
  12. haha Glad your concerns have been addressed Sav. I just got my bike back from service after asking them to check out the engine vibrations (gets more and more harsh the higher the revs)

    they're response was "These models have a characteristic seat vibration between 4500 - 6000 rpm. That will be $240 please"

    that's all well and good especially when i told em it's worst at 8000rpm in 1st gear, only with throttle open. plus i thought the service was a bit pricey. no sparkies changed and gave it to em with fairings removed.