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GSXR Dominace In Bike Reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Valik, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I'm fairly new to the bike scene and have noticed the dominance of the GSXR's in a lot of mag reviews. While I'm sure they are not perfect, do they have any issues in the short term or long term?

    If they are as good as they say I'm suprised there are not more of them on the road.

  2. No idea.

    But remember they're expensive to maintain and a turd to get insured. Not everybody wants a sportsbike as a ride. And in real road terms, the choice between a R1 and a GSXR comes down to erganomics, looks and whatever's better value.
  3. More expensive than other sportsbikes to maintain?

    Sorry if these questions sound a bit stupid but from what I've read the o7 models have had rave reviews for both track and road use. Many have commented on how great and dominate previous models have been. Given that these reviews have been from sportsbike orientated magazines it seems odd that demand is not higher.
  4. The Suzuki GSXR1000 is the model that has given Suzuki all the rave reviews for the past few years, there are several reasons for that.
    It's got a great engine, the bike itself has won quite a few races in both modified superbike form and superstock set up. The ergonomics are not too extreme (read, it is possible to use them daily and tour on them) considering it's essentially a road going race bike, and the price on them is below tons of other bikes that are not necessarily better such as german, italian, and some american brands.
    Now to be honest, the other litre class sportsbikes are all excellent as well and if you get an R1, a ZX10 or CBR1000RR you won't be disappointed if you want something with a bit of zing. Suzuki has a bit more history that's all, especially with the GSXR750 which goes way back.
    In fact they all leapfrog each other year on year with new features and that keeps it interesting.
    As far as I understand it the 2006 GSXR1000 is considered to be pretty good.
    The reason every other bike is not a sportsbike is because I reckon you have to filter what reviewers are saying as in the real world, not that of testing and reviewing there are other bikes which will do the job better in any given application.
    If you want to commute in a city, a Honda VTR250 is better because you sit upright allowing you to see above the car line easier, it uses less fuel, insurance is cheaper, and it's a lot easier and cheaper to fix if you fall. In major cities you won't be going that fast anyway, so maybe a scooter even might do the trick.
    If you want to tour long miles, a tourer could be better with lockable luggage, fuel tanks above 25 litres allow you to go longer between stretches, this is definitely an issue in Australia. and the massive screens can stop you from becoming a bug cemetery.
    If you want to have a pillion, well let's just say that having your girlfriend leaning forward, putting her hands on the tank while trying to stay out of your way while you negotiate the perfect lean angle and line on a sweeping road gets old real quick.
    If you want to go shopping, do you really want to park your pride and joy in a dodgy shopping centre car park where other cars with disdain for bikers carelessly open their doors banging on the delicate fairing.
    And I guess finally, you're riding along at 60kph and you decide to make a quick turn, you slow down, turn left, lean a little, there's a little bit of oil, you didn't see it, at 30kph you open the throttle again, but you're tired and slightly angry at something, you open it a little too much, the rear tyre spins just that little too much too, bam, you lowside and lose the bike to the kerb, this fear alone, which by the way is propagated by myths and legends and awful bike dealers is enough to put any wide eyed and bushy tailed prospective client off buying a shiny new superbike.
    Having said all this, if you ever go the Philip Island for the MotoGP, I can guarantee you that the vast majority of bikers making the trip there are riding a very recognizable and infamous certain bike, you guessed it, the Gixxer Thou.
  5. Better response than I typed!
  6. Based on what? The suzuki would have to be one of the cheapest bikes to own in the long run. There are always lots of parts for gsxrs and they would be no more expensive to insure then other sports bikes.
  7. 2006 GSXR1000 was a very good machine. Some people (possibly the majority) believe that it is better than the K7 model. Because it has more power low down. My friend, who decked one (and subsequently wrote it off), swore by it. But also admitted that it was way too powerful. The K7 model is more civilized. But still a force to be reckoned with. As for the service costs: sports bikes are generally more expensive to service and repair. But by not that much as to be put off them. I was shocked actually that my 750 cost about $50 more for the first service than the DR. I was bracing for some astronomical figure. About insurance: there are tonnes of companies out there. Shop around. Yes. It will cost more to insure a sports bike, but that also heavily depends on your insurance and driving history (past offences, claims etc). As for repairs, it's really up to insurance company and the rest is on warrantee anyway. Other than that all Japanese bikes are pretty reliable these days. And options (mufflers, wheels etc), naturally, cost a fortune :roll: . Other than that it is all a marketing hype. Suzuki is no better than Honda or Yamaha and wise versa. All comes down to your personal taste and riding preferences. I'm in love with my 750, but commuting on it sucks. But comes a weekend and all grudges are forgotten. :)
  8. *shrug*

    Many people want a dirt bike or a cruiser rather than a sports bike.

    Many people want a non japanese bike rather than a japanese bike.

    Many people have brand loyalty to another brand rather than wanting a Suzuki.

    Many people can't afford the latest and greatest and have to buy something cheaper.

    And many more reasons.... :)
  9. When you own 1 you soon realise there are heaps of them :shock: dunno how many times lately people say to me they saw me somewhere (where I wasn't) although mine is a relatively old one.....Maybe the new ones are more rare.

    Really depends on unfortunately for the younger of us. 1. your age. 2. driving record. I have only 2 yrs bike experience, at 36yrs $468.00 full cover for 11,300 value + $2000 cover on mods. I think thats pretty good.

  10. Are you kidding, GSXR's are everywhere. I have owned a couple and I have blinged mine with all sorts of crap just so I can tell mine apart from the thousands of others on the road!


  11. That is a very nice looking bike zipper.
  12. Thanks, I just need to get myself a set of Vortex rearsets and I am done, for the moment anyway.
  13. Looks good Zipper!

    But it still looks quite stock to me.

    I can't wait till i grow old and sensible and get insurance rates like yours, V8!
  14. Well it has cost me about $4000 in extras to make it look quite stock, so what a waste of money that has been!!!!
  15. Eeek, consider me the uninitiated mate - I'm not your target market!
  16. same here. I know 3 exactly the same black GSXRs where I live (plus a girl on a blue and white, plus my mate on a black and blue). I sourced my pipe from the Netherlands just so no one has one down here. :cool:
  17. the gsxr1000 is a very good bike but my favourite would be the 05-06 models.
    although they have dominated the 1 litre segment, the 600s is a different story. 600s are very competitive as the there have been like 3 different winners in the past 3 yrs. from the 05, the zx6 won. the 06 was the r6 and i think the 07 was the daytona but thats not really a 600.
  18. I did the same, I sourced my pipe from the UK instead of getting a yoshi like everyone else, and got rid of the dual pipes for the gp pipe.
    Zulu, what pipe did you get from the Netherlands and do you have a pic?
  19. The "600cc" class really means the SuperSport class, which is taken to mean up to 600cc 4's, up to 675cc triples, and up to 750cc twins, as per SuperSport racing regulations.

    As such, the only real non-Supersport class bike to win Supersport-class accolades in the last few years was actually the Kawasaki ZX-636, and that was a real injustice to the other super-sport class bikes.

    If we're talking about MasterBike, or SuperTest, the Daytona 675 has won for the last two years.
  20. Laser.
    Everywhere I go people look and ask. I saw it in bikepics.com and asked the dealer if he can find it.
    The pic is in my garage.