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GSXR 750 K9 Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tabmow, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have a Yoshimura R55 Slip-on exhaust which, to be honest, is very very quiet (comparable to the stock exhaust). I like the look of it so am wondering what the next step is to improve the sound and performance. I am guessing it is to replace the stock muffler under the bike with some more high flow or just a straight pipe of sorts? Will this require a complete exhaust system? Has anyone done this before?

    Also, I want to move the rear pegs as far back towards the back of the bike as possible? I know they are adjustable but not sure how. Does anyone have any links or a how-to they can provide me to do it?

  2. You can get performance headers that remove the cat converter, but that will make your bike unroadworthy- but it will sound great with the yoshi pipe.

    The best thing you can do for your pillion pegs is remove them alltogether.
  3. You can either remove the cat and put a new exhaust system on or just cut the cat converter out and replace it with a mid pipe. As stated above, both ways will render your bike unroadworthy but most bikes on the road are anyway. The only problem with the removal of the cat converter is if you get caught you can get quite a hefty fine from the EPA and will have to put the converter back on.

    When you say rear pegs I am thinking that you mean your rearsets.
    The adjustability on the stock one's is crap so do yourself a favour and just buy some race ones that provide loads of adjustability. Bear in mind that you will need to buy a brake switch to connect the brake to the new rearset.

  4. The mid pipe options sounds good for now, until I either get a full exhaust system or something custom done. I looked around the the Yoshi R55 full system is different to the slip-on, I.E I can't just buy the headers off a full system and connect it to my current slip-on as the diameter is different (which sucks!). Any ideas where to go to get a mid pipe and what I should ask for?

    The only reason I want to move the stock rearsets is to give me better clearance on the ground as they are kind of in the way of my legs and I am fairly short. Is they move enough I will leave them for now... if not then I will start saving for some new ones...
  5. ^^ I see you are located in Vic so I would call Megacycles in Cheltenham and speak to Ken - http://www.megacycle.com.au
    He is a top guy and you are probably only looking at $80-100 for the pipe.
    Just tell him what you are doing and he will know what you are talking about.

    Just save and get some nice rearsets for your bike. I had some Vortex one's that we very good and only cost a few hundred dollars.

  6. Wouldn't this setup also require a Power Commander and a custom map due to the nature of the fabricated mid pipe instead of the cat? As it isn't really a Slip-On anymore and it isn't really a full system either?
  7. ^^ The power commander would definitely smooth things out but it isn't always required.
    Jump on the gixxer US website and there is a very comprehensive thread on doing a cat hack and the guy who wrote it didn't put a PC on and it ran with no problems.
    In my opinion, I would put a PC on as you don't want your bike running too rich or lean for too long.

  8. Ok a bit off topic here but would you get untroubled for removing the cat as far as I'm aware bikes don't need the cats legally they only have them for the euro emissions crap ?
  9. http://epanote2.epa.vic.gov.au/EPA/publications.nsf/2f1c2625731746aa4a256ce90001cbb5/c90ec843f3bbbe8fca256d9f00181c59/$FILE/1031.pdf
  10. I missed the boat on this, but you dont need a PC for a slipon system, would it be better, yes, but not necessary. For smooth power a PC/Bazzaz its the ticket, but some course tuning (10% increments) is available in the std ecu via the yoshi box which most Suzuki shops would have I imagine, and only costs a few hundred including dynos. Or spend 400 on a PC and download the basemap and get another custom map tuned off that on the dyno for a few hundred more. You can do as much or as little as you like.

    Have you removed the exhaust valve as well?
  11. I ended up going with the Full Yoshimura R-55 system... I am also putting in a PC V and getting it tuned etc. As for the exhaust valve I imagine I don't need to do this anymore with a full system exhaust?

    I saw a K7 GSX-R 600 with the Yoshi R-55 last night and it sounded awesome... it was the slip-on but obviously on those models the slip-on's removed the cat converter which makes all the difference.

    I can't wait for my exhaust to go on and to actually have a decent sounding bike!
  12. Good on you for having a crack at a custom pipe set up, Ive always liked the look of something other than stock. Why not consider a underseat set up?? Stacks of work, but how sick does it look??. I done my own on my k4 years ago check it out. Sorry for showing off.

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