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GSXR-750 K7 - small oil leak from stator grommet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by d e d, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. NR's,
    Replaced stator some 3+ weeks ago (and the reg/rec) and bike has been running tip-top ever since, until Monday.
    Noticed a small oil leak that appears to be coming from around the outside of the stator grommet for the 3 wires that go into the reg/rec.
    When I replaced the stator I replaced the main gasket and put some liquid gasket around the outside of the grommet to seal it up (the round section that doesn't contact the actual gasket), but seems to have not held up /or/ I didn't put enough /or/ that particular brand is shite.

    My Options? (after opinions please!):
    1. Pull generator cover off, new main gasket and clean & re-do the liquid gasket (perhaps a different brand).
    2. Try to seal around the grommet as-is and not pull apart - is this a good option?.
    3. Other?

    FWIW it was a replacement stator from www.regulatorrectifier.com which from my research at the time lots of people had bought stators from there without issue....
  2. On the KISS principle I would try and seal the gromet in place first. Choose a high temperature rated goop. If that fails then fall back to Option 1. My 2c anyway :)
  3. Try 2, if that doesn't work then go back and try 2, if that doesn't work try 2 again, keep repeating until leak stops
  4. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Yeah I'd prefer that option as I really don't want to open the engine up again...it seems the warmer temps in Melb the last several days have brought on this issue I guess by the bike running hotter for longer, and even hotter by a degree or two before the fan can cool it down.
    Would this 'patch-job' of sorts (Option 2) cause any issues with oil pressure and whatever else?
  5. No it is low pressure in that area not forced oil pressure so it is just leaking from the splash around inside.
  6. That's what I wanted to hear!
    Any good, suitable sealants, you would recommend off-the-top-of-your-head for such an application?
  7. Selleys 401 or equivalent, High Temp Vulcanising Silicon Sealant. Not sure if they sell it in other than tubes for guns though not in tubes.
  8. Many thanks, I'll start the hunt and see how it goes!