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GSXR 750 K6 (2006) - What to pay (Sydney) ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by eff_cee, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Guys, I've searched for any similar posts, but I can't find any actual price paid info for the GSXR 750 K6.

    I know list price is 18 plus. I have been offered one at 17200. But I can't help thinking they can be had for much less. I did see a comment from one poster saying they paid 16 OTR. But I don't know where that was.

    Anyway, thanks for any advice
  2. 18 for a 750 I don't think so...

    go to http://www.peterstevens.com.au check out there "new bike specials"

    they have the gsxr750k6 for 15,490...
  3. That's more like it. Got me all excited there, but then realised Peter Stevens aren't in NSW.

    Thanks for the link though, it gives me a better idea of actual prices
  4. Shit, the 06 fireblade is something like 16k + onroads.

    God DAMN you can get a lot of bike for your money!
  5. might have been me, I got me a matt black k6 for $16k on the road with $100 voucher. that was from Peter Stevens.

    But another Suzuki dealer was offering $15.8k on the road. No black in stock though.

    Go in there with a few quotes to bargain with. If they don't budge from 17,200 you might just have to visit melbourne. hehe it's still cheaper.

    good luck... it's a great bike :grin:

  6. I think you will find its the 05 model...for 15,990 + on road..yeah
  7. PS have 750 k6 for $15,490 + orc.
  8. yer PS is sellign the '05.

    fug get a ZX10R for 14,990! phoar bargain.
  9. Picked up one today for $16250 inc ORC, not too bad for 10 mins chat to the dealer.
  10. Had a look at that when I was in there last time, it's an '04 plated bike! PS don't deal with Kwaka any more and are dieing to get rid of that remaining stock I would reckon.
  11. Its almost the end of 2006, most dealers will be willing to negotiate on the prices of 06 bikes.
  12. Eactly, 2007 bikes are already on the way I believe, so screw them down hard!
  13. just thinking the same thing triway, aren't the k7s out this coming week? that's sure to put alot more pressure on the sales staff considering they're outdated stock. only prob would be that not alot of dealers would still have them on the floor.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys.

    It appears like there aren't any 2006 K6s left (in blue white anyway). Went into Action bikes and they are quoting at least 17500 otr for the 2007 model.... with up to 10 weeks wait !

    Mind you with the weather here at the moment, I don't mind sitting on the train!
  15. GSXR1000 incl orc for $16250???

    Mate, where did you land that, i am looking at getting one of the leter bikes at the moment R1/Gixxer1000/Fireblade... but best i have so far is $17,500 for the fireblade (drive away).