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Gsxr 600 - Track Bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by paddy, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Hi Team,

    So I thought i'd post up some pics of the bike i bought late last year.

    I bought it to use only for the track, and i will keep my trusty little 2smoker for riding around on the roads (that way i will keep my license for longer).

    It is a 2005 GSXR 600.

    So far i haven't done much apart from take bits off it, and change the oil, brake fluid, and check that everything else is ok.

    I am going to be taking it along to Broadford on the 15th of Feb, so say g'day if you see me there.

    Next task is to fill the headlight hole (prob lay some glass over the old headlight and just stick it in there, but will get some race glass onto it soon as i can.

    As far as mods, i have a few things on the wishlist. Such as:
    -learn to ride it better
    -Race Fairings
    -get better at riding

    but I am sure there will be more and more things that i will add to the list as i get into it more.


    IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1325.JPG

    There are quite a few projects going on in the old boys shed!
  2. Ive got an 05 GSXR6 race bike too, they're a top track bike.

    Before you worry about exhaust intake and tuning, worry about suspension!
  3. Thanks mate,
    Do u mean suspension set-up?

    or are they in need of upgrading?

  4. Don't worry about exhaust and tuning until you get really fast and start to notice the bike suffering from a lack of power.

    Do your gearing first, a lot cheaper and will give you a lot more of a performance difference then an exhaust. Find out what gearing is recommended for your local track of choice. I've got a -1 +2 on the ZX and noticed a massive difference.

    As I have recently come to discover its worth having a box of perishable spares. So rear sets, clip ons and levers.

    Check out this thread, dude modded all the oem plastics on his ZX in to track fairings.


    Are you planning on slicks? Do you have stands/warmers etc?

  5. Hey mate,

    Thanks for the advice, and the link is awesome!

    I have stands.... but haven't thought about slicks yet... guess i will just see how i go with the road tyres that are on it now, as they are pretty much brand new.

    If i do end up biting the bullet and getting some slicks, i have access to a set of decent loaner warmers, which will help the hip pocket...


  6. Setup first, then look at springs if they're not right for your weight, then valving etc from there. All of that is much better than minor power gains

  7. Makes sense...

    appreciate your advice.

    Cheers (y)
  8. Agree with the advice above........setup correctly and learn to ride better first...oh and off with the side stand...
  9. I heard that this is a must, just wondering how hard it is to bypass the stand switch?

    anyone know?
  10. Piece of piss, it's under the end f the stand you need to either join 2 wires or earth one. If you get stuck I'll have a look at mine again
  11. Is there any track day rules that you have to take them off? Hes not racing it (I think) so whats the point?
    Mine partially broke in my last crash found it a pain the ass not having it there the next day. Getting a mate to weld it back together :) Just need to source a spring for it.
  12. it's a good idea to give it a few run before servicing or setting up/correctly sprung your suspension to your weight (unless its way off), this way you will have a much more obvious feel to the difference of your suspension(y), and i am sure you will appreciate that feeling
  13. image. image.

    Some pics from my first day at broadford