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GSXR 600 - Shutdown whilst moving

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dburmas, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Hey All,
    I had my first problem with my K7 GSXR 600 on the way home on Friday night. I hoping that someone in the know may be able to point my in the right direction.

    I was crusing on the freeway @ 100kmph in 6th when all of a sudden the bike started to de-accelerate as if I had just let go of the throttle. I looked down at the dash and it the key lock light was lit up as if I had stopped and locked my bike....bloody strange. A few seconds later all was good. This happen about a few minutes later again this time crusing at 60 in a side street.

    I stopped, turned the bike off and on again and it was fine the rest of the way home....just don't really want this to happen again.

    Bike is pretty much standard, just a Yoshi slip-on....Any help would be appreciated.
  2. See what happens next time if you let the throttle click back to closed and then open the throttle again.

    People have been having a ****tonne of issues with the throttle control sensor and 02 sensor on 07-09 GSXR600's
  3. Thanks for the info.
    However, why would the key lock light illuminate? Makes sense if the throttle sensor is stuffed that throttle may be shakey, and the O2 sensor would make the bike run too rich or lean....hmmm.

  4. I myself had the exact same issue however I ride a Hyo GT650R. Took it back under warranty to have it looked at and it turned out to be a busted throttle sensor. Take it to your local service guys and ask them to replace it, shouldn't cost you much at all...
  5. Does your bike use a "chip key" like the modern Hondas?
  6. Do you have any other smartlock type keys on the same keyring? Like the new Ford ones for example?
  7. and they say its supposed to be "better" than a standard throttle cable.
  8. gixxer side stand switch playing up?

    probably not, but worth a shot to check it... it's a common problem.
  9. Hey All,
    Thanks for the responses. Yes, the GSXR does have a chip in the key. The symptoms seems to be that the bike has "lost" contact with the key and hence turned off and displayed the key lock led. My question is, is this ONLY done when the bike turns on (eg The ECU receives a signal from the key), or does this also regularly happen as the bike is moving too?

    I'll check the side-stand switch and get the throttle sensor replaced at the next service (Due in 500 kms). However, in either case why would the key lock light turn on? Hmmm. Hasn't happened since last Friday and have ridden to work the past two days......

  10. Update...still happening!!!

    Got the bike service and the mechanic mentioned that it may be the key (Chip may have water in it). I have started using the spare key and the damn problem still happens!!! Seems like the ECU is polling the chip in the key to see if it is there on a regular basis, not just on startup.

    I did also notice when it happens that the tacho is at 0rpm as well as the key lock light coming on (flashing).

    Any other help would be great.

  11. Usually if the light is flashing you will get an error code on the instrument cluster down bottom right. I think? It will be a C code For Example C14 is a throttle sensor failure.

    I can't remember if you get them by default or you need to switch the bike in to Dealer mode which you can do from a plug on the back left of the bike I think. I'm flying a bit blind here ;) so I hope it helps.
  12. With Honda and Suzuki's once the bike is started the chip in the key is irelivent. The ECU only looks for the chip on start up. The idea is that if the key chip failed while riding along the bike will still keep going.

    Without seeing the bike its hard to say whats wrong but from what you have discribed I'd be checking one of the battery leads hasnt come loose at the battery.

    Is the time re-setting on your dash after the bike shuts down? If it is it's a power supply problem such as a loose battery lead.
  13. The time doesn't reset on the bike, but I did think of the same thing in reguards to the battery terminals.

    I've also been told by the dealer that it DOES keep polling for the chip, not just on startup. But I have tried my spare key and it is still happening so it is most likely an electrical problems (pulled or kinked wire) on the bike.

    I'm going to check all the leads off the ignition and kill switch so see if i can see any problems. Also re-check the battery connections.

    P.S Also no error codes on the dash!
  14. It ended up being the side-stand switch. Seems like the kickstand spring wasn't sprung tight enough. Hence it would vibrate loose from time to time.