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gsxr 600 or R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bowden, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. hey everyone,
    firstly i know this subject has probably been posted heaps but i couldnt find it so my bad....

    anyway i was just after peoples oppinions on what would be the better bike out of a gixxer 600 or a R6. probably looking at early to mid 2000 models.
    Any held would be appreciated...
    cheers. steve
  2. Gixxer better road bike. R6 for track
  3. i own a gsxr600 '01. absolutely love it. i think you'll love either bike. heard the r6 is very small feeling (didn't ride it in my test rides). everyone i know that has had a gsxr 600, went on to buy the gixxer thou later. Re. 3 people. so they must've loved it.

    but i'm biased :p

    go ride a few! make sure you ride a couple of exmples of each... in the whole price range you are looking into.
  4. GSXR

    its a more forgiving bikes to ride than the R6

    unless you're a true racer boy that likes to live on the track. then I'd pick a R6. haha

    Theres like NO power under 10000 :D
  5. And I'm guessing you have formed these well rounded opinions from copious amounts of time in the saddle on both bikes?
  6. 10000rpm is a bit overstated but 6-7000rpm would be accurate. Why? Becasue they are 600cc fours and they are all like that.

    As said earlier, the GSXR is the better road bike of the two but broaden your search. Is a 600 race replica the bike that will suit you the best for what you are wanting to do?
  7. Where's that inevitable "look at the Triumph 675" post?



    :LOL: :p

    Get the Gixxer unless it's for a track bike.
  8. Why is a GSXR a better road bike?

    Having owned a 2001 R6 I think there is nothing wrong with them on the road. Handling nice at road speeds, power is smooth off the closed throttle, riding position is reasonably comfortable, suspension can be adjusted softer and it's light, small and nimble enough to easily pick your way through traffic.

    Personally I'd go for which ever model you can find is the best condition for the price.
  9. At that price point I'd be checking out the Honda CBR600RR too and even the Kwaka ZX-6R.

    I bought a bike having not ridden it (my first bike) and regretted it immensly and that was only $3500. If you're looking to spend $8-10k you really want to ride each offering. One will 'feel' right for you and that'll be the bike to buy.
  10. thanks everyone...always been leading towards the gixxer jus depends if i can find a good one i guess

  11. neither... there are better options out there for better $$$.

    675, 600RR etc etc

    But @ the end of the day asking people for there opinion on this subject is abit tuff... go & ride them all... when you sit on the right one you'll know it :wink:
  12. and there it is...seriously people just regurgitate crap on here. plus look at the op, did they have 675's in the early-mid 2000's? probably out of his budget

    and honda's are gay
  13. my sig tells u what i think :)
  14. I thought the mid 2000 R6's were pretty comfortable compared to the more aggressive R6 of today?
  15. also 2000 models are carby models i think
  16. :LOL: :wink:
  17. Only because you can't ride Ben ;)
  18. Hey Steve,

    What a delightful dilemma to have! LOL

    I was in exactly the same predicament as you last year; I was deliberating between an early to mid 2000's model GSX-R 600, CBR 600RR, CBR F4i, R6, and ZX6R.

    In a nutshell, I ended up purchasing a K2 GSX-R 600, not because I necessarily prefer Suzukis over any brand, but simply because as soon as I sat on it I instantly felt at home. The test ride which shortly followed thereafter only helped to reinforce my feelings that this was the bike for me.

    Therefore, I couldn't agree more with the other posts - you really need to get out there and look at as many bikes as possible and hopefully testride them as well.

    It will be only then that you will truly know which bike is for you. Enjoy making the decision like I did, and be sure to let us know what you end up buying - post some pics too!


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  19. OP appears to be looking at bikes with a budget that would not allow him to purchase a 675, unless it's a high km/crash-damaged one, neither of which would really be a big issue to buying one, but hey...
  20. I owned a 2001 r6 for 2 years (did approx 25,000kms on it), and then after blowing it up bought a 2001 gsxr600 (to date done approx 20,000kms)

    I think the r6 is more a track bike. Doesnt have a steering damper standard in the 2001 that I had at least - and I dont miss the tendency it had to headshake on my crap local roads when hitting bumps under power (It headshook at least twice every ride, the scariest being at over 200 whilst overtaking)

    The r6 felt like a lighter bike compared to the gixxer and was easier to "throw around" and it had a wicked "powerband" around the 9500rpm mark being a carbie but I felt it was a bit too close to the edge - it had more handling than stability and I couldnt ride it for more than 3 hours without getting pretty sore.

    The 2001 gixxer600 I own now, I feel is more comfortable for longer rides (I did 750kms in one day on it, unthinkable for me if I was on the r6 ) and as its fuel injected it has a more smooth power delivery but you kinda miss that smack of power the r6 had but it is more forgiving for the hamfisted midcorner I guess :)

    I can just plough over big bumps on my local roads on the gixxer and it just handles it unlike the r6 which had me swerving around bumps to avoid the possible ensuing headshakes.

    The gixxer600 does come with a steering damper as standard but it feels like its un-needed as the whole bike just seems to be planted regardless of road conditions compared to the r6 :)

    If it were me I would go the gixxer in a heartbeat, it doesnt feel as snappy as the r6 to me but feels so much more planted on the average crap aussie road. interestingly enough I found I am actually faster on the gixxer anyway as I can now ride through bumpy sections of roads without having to slow down to maintain stability like I did on the r6.

    If your after a adrenaline rush I guess go the r6 - It will provide many heart in your throat moments Im sure (it did me)

    If your after a bike that doesnt try and kill you go the gixxer lols (well ok go the gixxer cause its more planted and comfortable)

    my 2 cents - no I dont accept change lols