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GSXR 600 or GSXR750 K9

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iGSXR, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    As it seems to be a great time to buy a new bike - looking at 600 or 750.

    Stepping off a lams sv650..have taken the bikes for quick test ride, very hard to tell if there is a lot in the 150cc in the city on short ride, not a lot of $$ diff at the moment between the two...better colour in 600

    Its a bike that i want to keep for a while soo....your thoughts - any previous owners have a take on this.

  2. Buy a non restricted SV650 ECU from the states for cheap (150 or less), slap that in and enjoy that for a bit.

    Then get the 750 ;)
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    After a fair bit of reading on forums and other reviews I opted for the 750 because it's a better street bike, whereas the 600 would be a better track bike.

    All depends on what riding you're going to do, but I'm sure you'd be more than happy with either. The 750 offers more torque at lower revs with a VERY similar average fuel consumption to the 600.

    Apparently the 750 does 300km/h out of the factory too... just sayin. ;)
  4. I'd go the 750. Apparently both motorcycles share the same chassis, so you're basically getting some extra grunt for a small financial premium and insignificant weight penalty, which is worth taking advantage of. Also, the 750 would likely have stronger resale value, and is somewhat more exclusive seeing the other three Japs no longer sell mid-weight track-spec motorcycles.

    300 km/h indicated is probably 280 km/h true, given typical Japanese speedometer error.
  5. I'm not surprised if you didnt feel the difference in power if you didn't get it above 6000 rpm or so.
  6. Done - Its a blue/white 600-K9. Its an awesome ride (62kms so far).

    Love the sweet progressive feel to the power, good balance and feedback through the corners, at first the brakes seem a little "soft" in hand, but seem to allow you to grap a decent handfull without fear of locking up instantly.

    The handling is once again linear and netural, light years ahead of an SV650 (as much as I loved that bike, no comparo)

    All in all, very happy with the choice, need pics and a little more time to get decent kilometres under the belt and complete run in period - which by the way is not strictly by the book.

    Once up to full temperature without holding it there of course, load and gentle roll of the throttle to 10,000 -11,000RPM. Good amount of heat and combustion pressure to seal the pistion rings in around the bore.

    Will change oil at 100kms, then at 500kms and at dealer at 1000kms

    The white rims are going to be a killer to keep clean, but hey thats what Sundays are for....
  7. Haha, congrats mate on acting contrary to our advice and buying the bike which suits you the best!

    It's also great to see you're running the bike in properly, I think most people feel afraid to stray too far from the manufacturer's instructions after spending $13-15k. How long will you run mineral oil in the bike?

    Happy riding!
  8. Thanks mate! - its a gut feel thing. This particuliar bike had that "just right" feel to it? Why? I Dont know - but I've learnt that with bikes, your gut feel is something that you need to listen too.

    Will run good mineral up untill dealer service - 1000kms ish

    Blackberry phone pics.....

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  9. Re: GSXR 600 or GSXR750 K9 - Photos

    Photos Above
  10. +1. Motorcycling is a passionate sport / hobby. It's how you feel when riding the bike that matters.

    The bike looks great, I love that Suzuki blue, you'll just have to be careful when lubing the chain not to get any spray-on lube on the rims!!
  11. Congrats on the bike, a good choice. This || close to buying one myself, but felt they were a little bit small size wise. Ended up with a new ZX6R, go figure. GSXR is such a confident bike, and very linear power as you say. A winner, well done :)
  12. Thanks - theres no such thing as a bad sports bike these days - there all good !!!!! Just a matter of what suits best at the time..... How is the ZXR6, they seem to be kicking arse in all the reviews of late...Good purchase, what color did you get?
  13. nice bike but why are so many people going for 600's rather than the 1000's ?
  14. as simple as this
    a) do you want a great 600 for the road
    b) do you want everything a 600 has but a bit more power.. maybe for a power wheelie or keep up on straights (kind of) with a 1000?
    If you chose a) go for the 600 (i did)
    if you chose b) go for the 750
  15. That dosent make your point very clear? In fact struggling to make sense of it...
  16. the only reason why you would go for a gixxer 750 would be because it has more power... otherwise it is pretty much the same as a 600. remember its a 600 chassis, body and all
  17. Yeh, its bloody fantastic. Feels bigger physically than the GSXR, definitely more grunt, but not as.... fluid as the Gix. The Gix just seems to flow like liquid around corners, and over bumps. If it was a tiny bit bigger I wouldve jumped on it for sure.

    I got white :D
  18. Nice wheels, attached a picture of mine:



    Question for you mate, do you find when sitting on 4500RPM, does your windshield vibrate??? My mate has exact the same bike as you and his does the same thing, mine does it too p*ssing us off!!!!](*,)
  19. Nice rides guys, and congrats. Good to hear you'll be avoiding the stock run-in procedure of restricting revs until arbitrary milages. Theres a bit of research around (and has been for some time) that a progressive use of throttle and revs whilst under load (ie riding the bike) will give you the best run-in.

    I find the Yamaha racing kart procedure to be quite good - 10min @ 1/4 throttle, up to half redline. Another 10 @ 1/2 throttle, up to 3/4 redline. Last 10min @ full throttle, with runs up to redline and back from it under compression braking. Change oil after 50~100km and replace with specified grade; mineral or synthetic, doesn't particularly matter.

    Cheers, and congrats again on the purchase. I'm considering a slightly older Gixxer myself:


    - boingk
  20. Jeez you got a nice unit there. Them photies look sweet. I was going to say 'buy my K9 750' as I'm selling now due to being old and ricketty!