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GSXR 600 K6 - Rev limiter Issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dburmas, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hey All,
    I've got a GSXR 600 K6 which is stock, apart from an after market exhaust. The issue I'm having is that I appear to be hitting the rev limiter before I hit 18K on the tacho. Actually my maximum seems to be around the 14K mark. When I get to this mark, the motor starts to violently back-off...

    My question is what speeds should a stock bike hit in say second gear? If the same bike (GSXR 600 K6) can hit say 160kmph @ 18K and my bike hits 160kmph @ 14K then I know the tacho is a bit stuffed, but the bike is fine. Any help from other GSXR 600 owners?

  2. The rev limiter isnt at 18,000 rpm on the K6 its at 15,500. If its reving to 18 Im supprised it hasnt gone bang!
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  4. +1 ^.
    Maybe finding out a bit about your bike (and how to ride it) would be a good idea.
    A couple of clues:
    1. It won't go as fast as the highest speed the speedo can show, unless its in free fall.

    2. It won't rev as hard as the end of the tacho.

    3. There is no point at all in taking it more than a few hundred past the peak power rpm (13,500).

    4. Looks like Suzuki had people like you in mind when they designed the rev limiter.
  5. Hey Guys,
    Jesus...if I wanted abuse I would have just asked a few friends about this! :).
    Maybe I should clarify a few things.
    1) I was on the Phillip Island track at the time of hitting the rev limiter (Not something I do whilst commuting!).
    2) I've ridden another GSXR 600 K6 and it pulled all the way until the shift light lit up (around the 18k mark)...again something I did on the track.
    3) Yes, the bike does lose power near the rev limiter but if you are coming out of a corner @ say 12K I'm more inclined to keep throttling rather than unsettling the bike with a gear change....I'll do that when the bike is more upright.

    Anyway, I was after answers...for example:
    Yes...my GSXR 600 K6 hits 150km/h in second on the rev-limiter (17.5K). This information would be useful to me.

    Remember guys I'm trying to see if my tacho is a bit defective or if there is another issue with my bike. Whilst everyone if trying to analyze my "defectiveness", can anyone help with my bike issue please??
  6. Sorry, I'd had a bad day at work, shouldn't have unloaded on you!(y)
  7. Here's an idea... put it on the dyno, and get the bike ran up in every gear, to the limiter.

    The dyno has a tacho input it picks up directly off the motor (spark plug lead, etc) and will read ACTUAL engine rpm. OEM tacho's (especially on super-sports) rear optimistically.

    This will end the discussion.
  8. Basic maths will tell you how fast it will go at a certain rpm in each gear. All you need to know is the tyre circumference in millimetres, the final drive ratio, gearbox ratios and primary drive ratio.

    Engine rpm / (primary ratio X gear ratio X final drive ratio) gives you back wheel rpm.
    Back wheel rpm X 60 X circumference / 1,000,000 gives km/h.

    For my GS500 in 4th gear at 9000 rpm the numbers are:

    9000 / (2.3 X 1.13 X 2.7) = 1282

    1282 X 60 X 1989 / 1000000 = 153 km/h

    Hope that helps!
  9. Hi All,
    Thanks for the responses. Sheppo, agreed the dyno is a great way to diagnose but expensive. I should just go through the calculation path, but I was hoping other GSXR 600 riders may know this info off hand...

    Thanks all.
  10. gearingcommander.com
  11. last quick dyno run cost me $60 and i'd not been to that particular place before. simply walked in and said "got time to chuck it on the dyno for a sec?" doneski.