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GSXR 600 and ZX6R 2008 models. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by StanFNQ, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I'm new here and have been reading through the forums for a few hours. I'm currently looking for a 600 and have narrowed down to the gsxr and the zx6r. The local honda shop wants $16500 for the cbr and won't budge. The R6 is all top end.

    Great chassis, very neutral and typically terrific brakes.
    Sprung well for my weight so only dialling in the suspension will be required.
    The slickest gearbox I've ever used.
    Nice linear power though a little down on midrange.
    Terrible seat
    Noticed the heat on my right leg from the exhaust after 10 minutes even though I was wear full leathers.
    The speedo was obscured by the screen and the gauges weren't so easy to read at a glance.

    I couldn't get to ride an 08 but I have ridden an 05.
    The 05 gearbox was pretty notchy but still was true.
    The 08 dyno graphs show more mid range than all the 600s and that will make me happy around town.
    The 08 seems roomier and less hard on the wrists than the ZX6R
    I like the look of the gsxr over the kawa. The ZX is only available in limited edition black, red with mirror graphics or green with mirror and black graphics.
    GSXR comes with extras like a rear seat cowl and adjustable rearsets.

    I'll be trading in an 06 SV650s in good nick and the change over price will be a factor but not a clincher. Most of the riding up here is good but often there is 50-70km to get to the first range or in between good riding areas so some comfort is a thought.

    The ZX6R was a dream in many respects but little things like the indicator switch is just a bit too much of a reach for my thumb, the poor vis of the instruments and that seat are there. The instruments can seat can be resolved with aftermarket gel seat and screen.

    The GSXR I can't test ride. But I'm cofortable with the seating position and know it's instruments and switch blocks suspension well from younger GSXRs and the SV so it feels a bit like an old friend already.

    So two questions really.

    1.Could anyone with experience with these 2 bikes (2008 models) offer your thoughts good, bad, or otherwise, please.

    2. What are prices of these two bikes on road without a trade in going for at the moment?

    Whew, that was a long 2nd post! :LOL:

  2. Hmmm Ring around other Honda shops Im no Kawaka fan and there the last of the 4 I would be picking the gsxr 600 would be the one I would pick out of your short list but I would still hunt for a better price on the cbr600 ..
    The ZX6r great chassis ????? What the..
    Brakes well all have great brakes today..
    Gear box is the worst of the 4 most Kawaka's are when they get a few km up..
    If your a kawaka fan go for it , I wouldnt own one I think you have to love em Like a mother likes a ugly baby ...And as for trying to sell one second hand well you near give em away ..
    Ive always found Kawaka to put a bike together badly carby's rubbing on the tank ,bad gauge placement, switch gear fades quick ,finish is a bit cheap, parts never in the country or always on back order ..And the amount of times parts where missing in the crates and I couldnt finish assembling them ..Not to mention how hard it is to deal with head office with warranty work .....You either love em or hate em I hate em..
  3. i think most honda dealers here are moving the 600RR at good price.

    PS is moving them at 12k + ORC
  4. ZXR is going to be a superseded model in a month or two, the GSXR is a current model that will undergo color changes for 2009.

    GSXRK8 is also NOTHING like the 2005 model so don't bother even thinking about comparing. From ride reports and what I've ridden, the '08 GSXR is far better than the ZXR, and even the K7 GSXR.

    GSXR for sure!
  5. I just got a 600RR and I love it. $16500 is rediculously expensive for one. As a guide, most dealers are selling them for mid 13k driveaway.

    As triway said the 05 is a completely different bike to the 08. The 08 is 2 models ahead.
  6. Thanks, for thoughts guys. No other honda dealers within a 5 hour drive of Cairns. I'll cut a deal with the Suzuki and Kwaka dealer and see what's on offer.

  7. Do your pricing on the GSXR, and get some phone quotes from the other Honda dealers.
    Then go into the local guy and say This is what I can get a Honda for down the road. The GSXR will also suit.
    Do a deal or I walk now.
    Then he either comes back with something more interesting or Buy the Suzuki.
  8. Well I ended up with a deal on a gsxr600 k8 for change over value of $7k with my SV650k6.

    I could have got a GSXR600 k9 in the colour I really wanted (white) for $14600 on road but I think the K8 is a good enough deal as I don't want the hassle of selling the sv privately. The dealer with the K9 deal wasn't into trade ins as he only sells ag stuff.

    Could have got the Kwaka for $7500 with trade in but there was that nagging feeling in the back of my mind with it.

    Honda dealer up here just did not want to know. His loss, I buy lots of tyres and he's the closest to me.

    Thanks for your input guys.

  9. A mate of mine just purchased the Hannspree limited edition CBR600 08 model and we paid $13600 on roads. That was through peter stevens in Elixabeth street melb. They also had the Red/Black as well for $13100 on road. I would suggest you look around as honda have a promotion at the moment, thats why they are this cheap at the moment.
  10. can't you get it shipped up there? Would still be heaps cheaper and you would have the bike you want from the sounds of things
  11. GSXR600 for sure, as someone else said, the ZX6r changes shape in 09, the k8 GSXR is same in 09 except colours. And now all Gsxr range come with 3 power delivery mode switch.

    There's awesome deals on them now as well, find one to test ride, and BUY IT.
  12. I really like the shape of the ZX-6R (especially the 636 with the larger headlights).



    What's the general perception of the ZX-6R's compared to the other 600's?
    I also really like the Z750 as a possible upgrade.
  13. HOT!
  14. There were a lot of aspects of the ZX6r I liked. More on the bike than in it. Silky smooth right through the rev range and a bigger kick than the gsxr. The terrible seat and the ridiculous screen and gauge position on the zx6r moved me away from it. Oh and the exhaust gets bloody hot on the right leg even through leathers and with the OEM shroud in place.

    I have the GSXR sitting in the garage right now. Early start for a quick spin through the hills before work starts tomorrow!

    Thanks again for the input..

  15. So did you buy one, that was the quickest decision/purchase ever.
  16. Sure did. Life's too short to be worrying about the little things. Get the bike and do your best to ride the rims off it ;)

  17. Haha Funny C*nt, good on ya, congrats. Post a thread with pics :cool:
  18. Wow, and here I was waiting months and months. Good choice! :grin:
  19. is there much difference between the 600 and 750 GSXR apart from the engine size?

    how much more performance is the 750?
  20. Nope!

    Um.......about 25% :cool: