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GSXR-600 08 rattling issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hyo_duc, May 24, 2010.

  1. i own a 08 gsxr 600 which is relatively new, only few thousand kays

    i have noticed there is a rattle which i can evidently hear around the dash area... more so on the right as, if i move my head its not as loud on the left
    i can hear it from 4000rpm above but not so much after 7000rpm

    has anyone had an issue like this?
    i have scoured the area and cannot find anything loose, dangling, or hitting.
    i am thinking it could be a loose washer or such somewhere, or something has gotten caught in a small area...

    hope someone can help
  2. I had a rattling noise on my er6 around the same rev range. Though that somethng in that area was loose. Turns out it was the chain.
    Also try holding the mirror to make sure the glass in it isn't rattling.
  3. I've got a vibration/rattle on my 07 GSX-R600 at 6,250 and 6,750 rpm. Seems to be coming from the LHS of the upper front fairing. I've ripped off the side fairings and its still there.. No idea what it is, it sounds like a fastener or something is loose and rattling.

    This post doesn't actually help you with your problem, its more just a "I share your pain" ](*,).

    If I figure out what mine is I will post up. Could be the same thing (just different side).
  4. Hey Geeth
    yeah it doessound like a chain as it very clear it is from up the dash area thanx for the comment :)

    and Mr. Luke

    by all means let me no mate, would be much appreciated, it is fairly annoying and im hoping its onl me who can hear it cause kind embarrassing lol
    but yeah i really cannot figgure out what it could be, im thinking maybe something has gotten caught around the fairing area.. but if that was the case it would have gone by now, or i could hear it when revving the bike stationary
    so most likely a fastener or someting

    hope to hear form u soon mate

    cheers guys
  5. brake lever?
    just thinking that she gets pretty loud after 7k rpm and you might not hear it. try taking your nosecone off and checking everything and put it back on nice and tight?
  6. cheers mate ill check it out
  7. Find a nice straight road and just cruise along at the rpm range and start grabbing at stuff to see if it stops.
  8. lol i did that with my drz. i found that my clutch was shaking because it was vibrating against my barkbusters. still havent adjusted it :p
  9. im not 100% ure but i have noticed that below the acceleratot there are two wires going down... if i hold then about 10cm form where they connect to accelerator and shake then they do rattle a bit
    does anyone have this

    there is one screw which holds a metal place in tact which puts pressure on these two wires to hold them in place
  10. ok it is def not that
    im baffled :(
  11. Hey so by way of update, I had my fairing off on the weekend to flush my radiator. Stuck them back on and the buzz has gone. But go to gixxer.com, there are dozens of posts about similar issues and potential solutions. If you were in Brisbane I'd tell you to come around with 6 beers and we could pull the thing apart and wack it back together.
  12. hah yeah sounds like a good rd trip XD
    i gave another hard look today but couldn't find anything loose or such
    ill join up to that site
  13. ok i have resoled the issue
    basically i was tightening the crappy plastic windscreen screws.. one just snapped form the head... so i bought valtomoto ones, aluminium black... anyway
    the rattle has officially gone thank god
    random i know, but i was surprised.
    i did pull some panels off whilst replacing them to looka round to solve this issue. Not knowing at the time i had. so either something has fallen out or it was related to the screws
    hope this helps guys