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GSXR 400?? What the?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Found this GSXR 400 on ebay...

    Interesting little bike? Anyone know why it would never be registerable in Aus??
  2. Probably something to do with the changes they made recently to try and reduce the number of grey imports coming into the country. I think anything over 15 years old is still fine but anything newer has to pass all the same requirements as a new vehicle. This is cutting down on the number of cars since it means to bring in a particular model you have to crash test a few. Don't know what the requirements are like on new bikes but guessing that the GSXR400 doesn't meet them.
  3. Now that would be funny, crash testing bikes....

    "Pull".... *SMASH*-

    Yep that ones farked

    "Pull".... *SMASH*

    Hmmm, that one too :p
  4. could be that its been stacked and revived or that it was just imported without a compliance in the first place :?

    theres many reasons why a bike might not ever be able to be registered again.... some of them not very legal....
  5. LMAO tell me about it. You bump into the back of a parked car and your bike can be written off due to damage and they expect to crash test them?? What the hell for?? 99% of the time the rider departs the bike during a crash anyway. And how on earth to you put a crash test dummy on a bike and then make it stay there on the launch without physically tieing it down (which would then render the test useless as it doesn't simulate a real rider rider).
  6. 2 things.

    1. it just may be that no one in Aus has the compliance setup for this.

    2. The crack down on grey imports seem to hit bikes less than 15 years old the most. Notice a lot of 88 and 89 bikes around?
  7. One word "Velcro" and lots of it :LOL: or maybe one-way angled clips but seriously its probably so far from the ADR's that you would need a map an compass (or GPS you tech heads) to find it. :shock: