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GSXR 1000 vs GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Just for the sake of conversation, which would you choose for commuting (from fairly heavy to freeflowing), weekend fun and the occasional 2up ride?
    I'm talking current both generation GSXR 1000 vs GSXR 750.

  2. Mate,
    Have owned both. Power 'on tap' on the Thou is noticeable, in direct comparison to the 750. I could easily be biased (currently own possibly the greatest ever Gix Thou...the K5) and say go the 1000cc, but personally, the Gix 750 did everything and more than I wanted out of a bike.
    The 750cc is more than capable as a fast track weapon (often regarded as one the most ideal platforms) and road riding alike. As much as 2up goes on a sportsbike, there's plenty of grunt available for this task also.
    If you're interested in a GSXR, I'd suggest you test ride them both and see which makes you smile the most.
    You definitely won't be upset with either (y)
  3. Haven't owned either but have ridden 2-3 year models of each. The 750 felt quite similar to my old 900 blade, lots of linear power. But the thou power is quite a trip, 2nd gear whoa..

    Depends on your riding style, if you like to sit in a higher gear and chug around the torquey thou would be best, but if you want to have a proper thrash the 750 would be better suited [to keeping your license].
  4. Yep for sure as above. If your not that confident or a bit of a lazy rider. Go the 750. It's much easier to ride when you are on it than the thou. It might let you get away with a bit more. Especially with your right hand. And it wont beat you up as much when you are really up it.
    In saying that I bet my left nut, in a few months of owning the 750 you will wish you got the thou. It's amazing how fast you acclimatise to the extra power.
    I don't know you or your abilaties at all but 80% of people would be quicker on the 750. 80% at least really.
  5. I chose the 750. Im in no rush to upgrade either as its got plenty of kick for what i do and i enjoy every moment of every ride whether it be mellow or a good thrash, my 750 delivers. ( oh n the 06-07 are the best 750's, so 05-06 gen 1000's :p )
  6. Dimi - can't agree more with your opinions - I previously had the K7 750...to this day, I miss it. A truly awesome bike and can see myself 'downsizing' to one again in the distant future.
    Mine was in blue/white trim, but very much like yours also (y)
  7. looking at a 750 in a few months why do u guys think the 06-07 models are the best out ?
  8. A lot of people think they were the best lookers, but they were also improved over the earlier ones.

    Not that they haven't been improved more since, but that model seemed "just right".

    Earlier or later ones are good bikes too.

    Price, condition and km are the main things if you like the styling and colour of one you want.