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GSXF750 Replacement

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hardhat, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Having become a regular rider later in life I bought a Suzuki 1999 GSXF 750 with 65,000 k on the clock, Its a great example and has been looked after but I am now finding that it have outgrown it both on power, comfort and handling. I originally bought it two years ago as an entry level bike figuring if I had to put it on its side it would not matter that much. The bike has been fantastic, reliable and while big enough also small enough not to get into too much trouble. My girlfriend now has her eyes on it so I am looking to see what is suitable to start test riding replacement contenders.

    The question is what do I replace it with? Being 6’3 and 100K my size is an issue also now 45 I now have enough experience that my luck bag has not been used (touchwood)

    Generally the use is for a fun, all purpose set of wheels, Sunday cruise, general commute etc as I like the sports type of bike but sitting a little more upright to keep the weight of my wrists. I don’t mind a 2-3 year old bike as an alternate.

    While a new BMW K1300 S/R would be a dream It is beyond my $ ....perhaps next time.

    Has anyone got some suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. A sports tourer with a little more grunt and I presume you'd like it to not be as ugly as the GSXF750? :p

    Honda VFR800 ... or you might fall in love with a VTR-1000 with pipes.
    Yamaha FJR1300
    Kawasaki ZX14
    Triumph Sprint ST
    Or if you'd like to stick with Suzuki's maybe go see how a Hayabusa feels.
  3. bandit 1250. Lot of bike for the bucks and at your size, it would be ideal.
  4. bandit 1250, zx1200, dl1000, the xjr
  5. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Bonk, the GSXF is better looking than me hence the g/f wants it! mind you she is wanton.
  6. What? Is your real name Joseph Merrick???
  7. No mate, I assume then I would be in real trouble?
  8. Bandit 1200S, Bandit 1250, Kawasaki ZRX1200R, Honda Hornet 900, Honda VTR1000, Triumph Sprint ST, Honda CBR1100XX... there are probably others but that's all that comes to mind at the moment.
  9. Good used Bandit 1250's are going for about 10k with ABS at the moment.
    Makes your upgrade worth about 5 - 6k I reckon.

    EDIT: I dont think you can get ABS in black yet? Shame about that as we all know black is faster.......
  10. VFR. Best finish, best longevity.
  11. I completely forgot about the Blackbird.

    Totally buy one of those and turbocharge it.
  12. I have a 2008 zx14 with helibar risers to keep me pretty upright.

    its a big bike, but it doesnt really feel that big to ride, more power and grunt
    than you will ever need (pulls from 1800rpm @60km/hr in top gear). I commute on mine every day (100km round trip on freeway mostly)

    comfortable for both the rider and passenger, eats up the miles when touring but handles the twisties with aplomb

    As an all round ride I couldnt recommend it more

  13. Thanks guys I appreciate the advice. Now I will go and bother the dealers.
  14. why not take a Busa for spin, yoiu keep it in the spuzuki family and get a bit of mumbo to go with it... or if your into touring why not look at the BMW1150RT, I know its not the 1200 but at around 11 -13k's second hand they are a good buy..

    justa coupla more options forya
  15. Banditbanditbanditbanditbanditbandit ;)
  16. Ahhh...but beauty is in the eye of the beer holder Bonk! ;)
  17. I will sell you my Bandit 1200 in perfect condition, coz I wanna get a GSX1400
  18. I Think I am in lurve.

    After all the looking and advice (which I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart) I noticed the GSX 1300 B King. Wow sexy and about the right thing.

    Tried it at the local dealer today, cheap as chips because they have not sold well due to the ugly exhausts I suppose.

    Drive away is $16.700 which is amazing considering the busy motor, but it needs lower peg kit ($700) as my legs just dont fit under the plastic tank flanks.

    Perhaps a set off slip-on exhaust cans later on and I think there is a bargin bespoke performance bike with some degree of individuality and character.

    Yes I know its a potential killer, I and a conservative rider with no death wish, and me thinks that a few days at a ridding school and a inflating jacket will be costed into the equation.

    What do you guys think?
  19. not my taste mate, but hey, if it floats your boat......... Go for it :)

  20. Only comment is is it polarises opinions. So resale may not be the best. Still if it floats your boat . . . Also some people have complained about leg room and fit. So be critical of that when you have another look.