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GSXF Across Quarter mile

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GSXF250_boy, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has raced a Suzuki GSXF 250cc Across at a the quarter mile at wsid, calder etc. If so please I would like to know what times you got because I only managed a dissapointing 19 seconds, possible cause is it is running on 2 instead of 4 cylinders. Mine is a 97 model and any advice, tips would be welcomed

  2. WOW if you got 19 sec for a pass on a bog stock across running on 2 cylinders would that mean you would do a sub 10 if you got all 4 pots firing?
  3. Need to find the 'fun zone', optimum revvs you want to be at as you're releasing the clutch.

    I've heard that they can run 13.5
  4. The other riders there (wsid) were suprised with one saying it should do 15's at least. I don't expect to run nines on four cyclinders
  5. EX250: (zzr, gpx)
    14.6 s @ 88 mph

    Apparently it has 34kW compared to ex's 26kw... But sounds suss from what I've heard about how it performs in reality.
  6. 15 seconds sounds realistic, although with a bike time is going to be very dependant on rider weight. Also going to depend a lot on the bike's condition - being 10 years old hardly likely it's going to be putting out the same sorta power as when it was new. If you ever manage to break 15s you're doing well I reckon. Keep in mind that most turbo Japanese cars of the same period would only be doing 15-16s in stock form at best.
    Edit: I definately wouldn't believe 14.6 for a stock GPX.
  7. Do they have sundials that measure long enough?
  8. Why's that? I've owned both a gpx and an accross, and the gpx is a shitload quicker of the mark. The across might have slightly higher peak horse power, but the gpx has a much better torque spread, and is alot lighter.

    From everything I've read and info from mates who've taken their gpx's and across to drag strips mid 14's seems standard for a gpx, and high 15's- low16's is normal for an across.
  9. 15 or maybe a bit less sounds realistic, yah. :)

    Something that relates to both cars and bikes - Never underestimate the power of a strong launch and the quick 60' time that comes with it.

    My crappy 20 year old 120 horsepower 1.6L MR2 does 16.3 quarter miles, which was usually about half a second quicker than brand-new V6 Commodores and the like that I went up against. 60' time was a cozy 2.3 seconds, which was always enough to get the drop on 300 kilowatt HSVs, SS Commodores, and the like. If only for the first hundred to two hundred feet.

    For low-power, high-power-to-weight ratio vehicles like bikes, the launch makes a huge difference to your 1/4 mile time.
  10. I don't believe 14.6 because it's just some figure someone stuck up on wikipedia - and a car with a similar power/weight (but substantially higher torque/weight) won't run anywhere near that figure (eg Spots' 1.6L MR2). Bikes may shift up faster but that isn't going to make that much of a difference, especially considering a car has the advantage of having a lot more grip available. Also worth noting that although heavier the Across does still have a higher power/weight and torque/weight value than a GPX - which is far more important than having a broad spread of torque (why would anyone need low-end torque in a drag race).
  11. hey stock R1's only do 11's
  12. about a week
  13. Why dont you turn left at the gates instead of right and take the bike to Eastern Creek Raceway!! Stuff the drag strip! Who cares what quarter mile a 250 does? It's never going to be fast, that's the point! :grin: