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GSX750f What is it worth

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by newtoit, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I am looking at the below bike, it is my first bike after a 7 yr break.
    what do you think...

    2000 Model
    Build Date: 6/2000
    Odometer:36,386 kilometres
    $5,990.00 Incl. Govt. Charges

  2. While I've always had a soft spot for gsx750f a.k.a 'teapot', I think 6k is way too much for a 12 year old bike with over 36,000km on the clock!
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  3. Agree too much.

    I would rather a vfr750 if i was looking for a sports tourer around the $5k mark. More common too.

    Edit, actually vfr800 I think now
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  4. I had one, loved it, but seems price too high !!
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  5. thanks for all your comments I agree but just wanted to check I dont have many local options.

    what do you thhink it is worth
  6. Well it's hard to say without seeing what condition it really is in. Have you inspected it in person? I wouldn't pay a penny over 4,500 even if it really was in perfect condition and it isn't likely to be. Teapots are very reliable mechanically but they did build them to a budget and after 12 years it is bound to show in some ways, even if it was really well looked after... If you could afford 6k you are just a couple of grand away from a really good new or almost new bike, consider saving up a little bit more!
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  7. I have to agree with the other posters, for that sort of money you could get a newer bike with less usage.
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  8. Essentially solid and dependable with good ergos, but absurdly heavy and downright gutless, IMO.

    If you really want a solid old Suzuki of that ilk you can probably find a near mint RF900 for closer to 4-5 (I looked at an immaculate one a year or so ago), which is lighter and goes better.

    But having recently picked up for 4 grand a 95 VFR with 48 000km that runs a treat, goes better and is at least as comfy, there's plenty better on offer if your budget is 6 grand or more.

    It might take a while to find something just right and a good or great deal, and you might have to be prepared to buy from outside your local areas, but the good deals are out there.
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  9. I had a look today and when is said the price was high he dropped it to $4990. It is in good nic for its age. But I did like the new GSR750!!
  10. 36,000 km's is nothing for a bike like that.
    More important is its service history. Ask for servicing history and receipts etc.
    If the condition is great, and with that many km's (in this case, not that much for its age), it could be a good deal for $4990.
    They are a bike that is not likely to be thrashed, so have a good look at it.
    It will be a good dependable bike, but not a life changer.
  11. Hmm that is a lot better. It doesnt have many kms, if its what you want and i checks out i would be keen.

    Is this a dealer?
  12. Yes it is a dealer in town....
    I understand it will be a bit more with a dealer but it might offer be some security
  13. If its a reputable dealer yes, as they wont want to wreck their brand. I doubt they will offer warranty.