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GSX750F - Good deal or not?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Just had a look at an '89 model GSX750F which seemed to be in extremely good condition for it's age. Noticed it was fitted with a 4 into 1 exhaust which I don't think was standard (but was old and rusted) and a stainless muffler which is definately aftermarket (and looks fairly new) - also been fitted recently with braided brake lines. Bikes got about 65,000kms on it which I'd say is accurate - although the current owner hasn't had it long and didn't know if the cam chain tensioner had been done or not. Only faults I could pick was that the tyres looked like they might need replacing soon (chain is new though) and that the rego expires in just a few weeks (so going to be a few hundred extra there). Didn't take it for a test ride but did have a play with the engine and noticed that when cold if you gave it a quick rev then closed the throttle the revs would drop real low - this seem normal? (owner seemed to think that it was). The guy's asking 4 grand firm, just wondering if people reckon this is a good deal or should I just keep looking.

  2. It seems a bit pricey for it's age. Based on km's it's probably not too bad a price, but it is much older than most on the market. You could probably do better. The redbook quotes $2,400 - $2,800 for a private sale. But it does seem to have reasonably low km's for its age.

    I gather you've checked bikepoint etc. to get a feel for prices. I used the data in those places to make a simple mathematical model in excel (linear regression with km's, age and type of sale as explanatory variables). Km's explained most of the price in my case. Yeah geeky I know - but it helps to know you aren't being ripped off :p
  3. Yeah checked bikepoint etc and thought it was a bit pricey - although being outside a major city means prices are usually that little bit higher than average (for road bikes at least). Thinking I might pass on it - if it was something particularly rare/exciting I'd be prepared to pay a little extra but as practical as a GSXF may be it's about as exciting as a Toyota Camry :LOL:.
  4. I didn't think you were getting a new bike jd......
  5. I'm just looking at the moment :p - though if I find the right bike for the right price I'll probably buy it. You might be interested in the GSXF yourself - it's parked out the front of Hendersons Mowers (Mair St, behind Hungry Jacks) if you want to check it out.
  6. It might be worth going back to the guy and saying "I like the bike, but based on what I've seen $4k is a bit high... here's my card, give me a ring if you decide to drop the price".
  7. The price seems a little high in my opinion comparing it to the one I have.

    I got her in October (from a local dealer) and paid $7000 but it was in perfect condition with no rust,scratches or marks of any kind.tyres where almost new,37000 on the clock and it is Nov 1999 on the compliance plate.

    Regarding the low revs and I can only say this as I havnt had it in the real cold yet,I dont even start with the choke ,give it a rev and she is fine there dosnt seem to be any significant drop in pitch or revs.
  8. Yeah thought it was a bit odd. I should have been more specific too - by cold I meant the engine hadn't been started for a while, ambient temp was actually around 35 degrees that day.
  9. These bikes are very cheaply made: budget everything. They should not be considered in any way comparable to a GSX-R or GPX or even something like a GPz900R.

    They're reliable and not bad bikes, but the suspension was utter shit, the exhaust mild steel and so on. This should certainly be reflected in the price.