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gsx750f a girls bike ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ZX-5R, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Hi, I have been looking to ugrade after being on my opens for well over 3 years but still on my little gpz500s... I took a gsx750f for a ride among others and really liked its touring capabilities and its 2up comfort as most of my riding done with my wife on the back.

    the problem is quite a few people I know have mentioned its a bike more associated with girls. these are not the kind of guys who say its not a real bike if its not a litre bike, they are genuine friends who belive the bike is more feminem.

    anybodys thoughts / views on this would be great


  2. ask Jafu if it's a girls bike.

    The short answer is "no". I know 3 GSX750F owners, none of them wear a skirt.
  3. i dont think it is. If the bike feels good to you and you like it then go for it. Looks are secondary to how they feel on the road :)
  4. Hell no.
  5. Try some other tourers/sports-tourers before making a decision as they are rather overweight and under-powered.
  6. Im a girl and I dont know any that ride one. personally it looks a little bulky for me. from what i hear, everyone that has one loves it to bits.
  7. I know one girl who rides one, but I ride a CBR, and lots of girls ride them too...

    What does it matter what other people think, if you like the ride buy it. You're the one that has to ride it. Unless it's emblazoned with pictures of Men or Barbie, I don't think you have a problem.
  8. ok thanks for everyones thoughts.... the 750f has now edged its may back to the top of my list.
  9. do a lil research on its origins ........ you will see it was derived from the 88 GSXR 750 J short stroke engine ... and in fact back when it was released it was pitted against it in tests .... so i guess if its a pansy bike ........ GSXR 750,s are too
  10. Maybe your friends need to be reminded that litre sports bikes are as much seen as 'wanker' or 'poser' bikes as the gsx750f is associated as a girls bike.I know lots of owners of this bike and not one of them is female.
  11. Genuine friends or elitist wankers?
    Does that mean you would consider the purchase of a bike to appease others foregoing what you really desire?
    1 more question,

    **** **** ***** ***** ***** *****

    Be yourself for farks sake, you wanna spend up big on a bike so other people’s endorphins get released instead of your own.

    Mod Edit : NO Personal attacks - that line was totally UNECESSARY
  12. Give him a break, all our thoughts and perceptions are based on those around us. Those are his friends and thats the crowd he interacts with; even if it isn't a sissy bike to us, as far as he is concerned, it is.
    Don't get it if ur mates will give u shit bout it, unless u realllllyyyy want it, It'll make you more comfortable :p
  13. Not a girls bike, just antiquated and obsolete.
  14. Yeah i know a guy who rides one he loves it

    I would not worry what other people say, if i did i would not be riding a hyosung :)
  15. Girl's bike? What a load of bollocks!

    Mind you, some very strange people ride them...


    Despite which, I reckon they'd be a great all-rounder. On my shopping list as an upgrade from my 250.
  16. Girl's bike? What a load of bollocks!

    Mind you, some very strange people ride them...


    Despite which, I reckon they'd be a great all-rounder. On my shopping list as an upgrade from my 250.
  17. I had one of the earlier ones that I bought new back in 1993. Basically the same as the new ones except for the cosmetic styling update that they did a few years back.

    They aren't a girls bike, but they aren't the best sports tourer around either. Don't get me wrong, they are a solid reliable bike at a really value for money price, but there are better sports tourers out there.

    The problem is that those better sports tourers cost lots more money! A VFR800 is about $17,000, a Sprint ST is about $16000 etc etc.

    Personally if I was looking for a new sports/tourer (or all rounder) and didn't have a lot of money to spend then I'd look closely at the Bandit 1200 2005 instead of the GSXF750. The larger motor gives more torque and is lower stressed so other things being even it should last longer. On the down side it's a bit heavier and has more power and wider tyres so tyres will cost more to keep on the bike.

    The main problem I had with my GSXF750F was simply that it wasn't much fun... it did pretty much everything I asked of it in an ok fashion. Toured ok, scratched ok, commuted ok. But it didn't do anything really well, which sort of left me with a 'hmmm this is a base model Toyota Camry' feeling about the bike :)

    The Bandit 1200 I had on the other hand... well... it was just more fun. Not perfect by a long way either... but fun.
  18. They are just a more sedate , upright tourer compared to their brothers mate. carbs and cams. Want one ? Go buy it, cant go wrong with a gix really. cam chains will kill em tho

  19. I was never a fan of the GSX750F back in the very early 90's. Looked very soft and FUGLY. It was all GSXR750 in my eyes.

    Come 16 years down the track, the GSX750F is the bike I am very much looking at and I think in the next few months I will be buying one. You can pick a low K, 2000 & later model up for a damn good price. Easy on service and maintenance and tough as nails.

    It's ideal for someone like me who commutes, wants to do a trip down to the Island come WSBK and comfy enough for the Mrs on the back.

    Sure I want a Ducati (SS, 748, etc) and one day I will own one, but the GSX750F pretty much suits all my needs.

    I guess at 6'2 and 115Kg, I will look like a shithouse girl. :p
  20. What ever year GSXF you are looking at, check out an equivalent year Honda VFR. Not only will you forget about the GSXF but you will love the "all rounder" cababilities of the Honda V4.