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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by azz008, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Jut got my new motorcycle on thursday and i'm very very happy wishing the rain would go away so i could just keep on riding it


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  2. That looks awsome man.i looked at getting one just like this.
  3. Very nice. I do quite like the blue/silver combination.

  4. +1 Nice combo
  5. Buy yourself some oggy knobs.
  6. Nice bike, enjoy the riding
  7. Grats on the bike! Looks shmick ;)
  8. title says its a gsx650fu, but its a gsx650f :S
  9. My bikes a GSF250VY, but its known and written on the bike as a 250V. Think its just a more specific name for that particular version...
  10. "U" just designates the LAMS version of the bike, it's not shown on the fairing decals. They do the same with the SV650S LAMS version (SV650SU).
  11. Ridden mine for over a year, had it from new. The bike is still awesome after 13k km, but now I'm about to go on my full license, I'm ready for a bike that has some grunt over 6k revs. Have seriously considered just getting the unrestricted F model, but the Triumphs are so nice ...

    Some tips:-

    • Keep the revs up and slip the clutch when doing your slow speed riding. Its a heavy bike and when it starts to go over you have very little hope of catching it. Learned the hard way
    • Make sure you check the tire pressure on both tires every week. I ruined my front tire after 9000km from riding on it for a couple of weeks while it was underinflated.
    • Be careful not to turn the key past "off" into "parking". You will leave the front light on and it will drain the battery. You cannot push start this bike if the battery is fully drained. Learned this the hard way also.
    • The bike has plenty of torque low down. Exploit that; you're not going to see much power out of the LAMS model above 6000 revs.
    • Service the bike when they say, and keep the chain clean and lubed. I do mine once a month but probably should be doing it twice a month. Its held up well so far.
    • Make sure you take the bike out for long twisty rides with netrider groups and mates as often as you can. It will reward you once you become confident :)

    Its a great learner bike, I hope you and it have many hours of safe fun together :)
  12. Another former 650FU rider here, you'll definitely be able to do some long days on this bike. Fuel economy is pretty decent. Sounds even better with an aftermarket pipe on it too :cool:
  13. Hi
    Just bought my new 2010 GSX650FU (I wonder what FU means) today. Reading some of my fellow Netriders helped me make the final decision (bought the bike over the phone, that's confidence). After riding my GS 500F the GSX makes riding a new born experience. Before my new purchase I was considering going bush bashing but now I can't wait for my next Sunday ride on the road (longer road the better).
    If the GSX650FU is restricted, how does the non restricted perform, I mean I'm very happy with my GSX650FU performance and power now. Cornering is a beautiful thing as well, wind now is no issue and the bike now sounds more like a car......no-more ear plugs.
    This is bike heaven for now at least.
    Note: This makes my 3rd bike in 2 months. Is there something wrong with me?
    All of the GSX650FU guys should meet on the ride sometime soon.
  14. It's a GSX650FU, the LAMS restricted version of the GXX650F.

    Congrats to the OP - loverly bike!

  15. You know how it kinda gets to 6000 revs and then ... doesn't do much? Like it'll keep going up but not particularly quickly? Apparently, without the restriction, it goes RAWR.

    Be aware that strictly speaking LAMS bikes may not be modified in any way, whatsoever.

    That said, it doesn't seem to be enforced, but for insurance reasons you might want to keep it stock.
  16. i thought they had the U on the decal :S
  17. Nope, no U on the decal... just a different colour scheme differentiating the two models.


  18. I've got a full powered 08 model & chrome is right, after 6000rpm it really takes off. More like RAAAAAAAAAWWWWRRRRR. Still not a s/sport but it's fast enough for most relatively legal riding.

  19. Nice bike mate enjoy
  20. Why would ear plugs no longer be needed? I have a GSX650F, my second bike after owing a GS500F, but there is no way I would ride, unless caught out, without ear plugs. Even with the standard pipe it is pretty loud. Don't forget, ear plugs aren't just for engine noise, the wind noise, etc can be very loud and over time will damage your hearing.

    I love my bike, goes really, really well, looks good, especially with the carbon fibre Yoshi TRC pipe I have on it and just last night i installed an Ermax undertail to it. Wow, looks awesome!!