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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mx63, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Anyone know how to De restrict a 2013 GSX650F

  2. Not worth derestricting bikes. You lower their resale value and you need to get it reregistered as a Non Lams bike. A remap of the ECU is required for the technical aspect. The legal and insurance issues are another matter,
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  3. Cut one of the wires to the ECU, install a small switch where you cut it, LAMS on, LAMS off.
    This has been discussed here before and a short Google search of he web should find you a diagram and info of which wire needs to be cut.
    The ECU has two maps, one which has the LAMS restriction (rolled off top end ignition advance and fuelling), one of which is normal.
    The injector throttle bodies are slightly smaller than on the full power version too.
  4. A better option would be to try and get some of the lard out of this renowned barge.......
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  5. Is the 650 not powerful enough for you?
    If you want faster speeds through the mountains learn how to ride properly before jumping on the power bandwagon.
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