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  1. mexiwi submitted a new showcase item:


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  2. Hi

    Got me a black one of those! Same year - mine is stock apart from a Megacone can. Dropped it in the driveway at 87km and scratched the stock can. The insurer wanted to buy me a new one with a bit better sound so who was I to argue!

    i had a VT750 before but couldn't get used to the "cruiser" riding style. the Suzi is much better in my opinion and has far more grunt than the old Honda. Like yours?
  3. Yep - like it lots, but dropped it in some gravel on Monday

    Story here https://netrider.net.au/threads/so-i-dropped-my-bike.176515/

    Mine is a LAMS version so it is restricted - not so much at the bottom end but it hits a wall about 7000rpm - that's generally in naughty land so not too worried - but can see me snipping the wire at some stage and derestricting it.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Your fix looks good tho. Good to hear you are ok. Keep smiling bud