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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ch12matt, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Last year I purchased a new LAMS 2012 GSX650F. Like most things it has its good points and bad points.
    The dealer i purchased it from....lets say the guy who did the pre delivery service must have missed the fact that things need to be torqued....in 2 days the bolt that holds the shift lever had vanished and the shifter dangling in the breeze with me stuck on the side of the freeway at midnight, luckily a ex suzuki mechanic pulled over and pulled a bolt from the faring to temporarly replace my lost bolt. After that i went over the entire bike to find nothing was tight. The tyres that come stock should never be fitted to anything unless you want a totally unpredictable tyre. I did 11000km on the slipstone battleaxe...it was 9000km of slip and slide, only when the tyre was >2mm on the rear and less than 1mm on the front they actually provided grip. Being the LAMS it is restricted to 5500rpm to keep it under the 150kw/t which is actually not too bad(easily unrestricted though), the inline 4 has a lot of low down torque that makes up for the limiter. But unrestricted it is much easier to ride having a much larger range to use upto the 12500rpm redline.
    It pulls strong all the way to the redline, although there is a flat spot at 4500rpm that is sorted out with any sort of tuning. I removed the stock muffler and replaced it with a TRC stainless yoshimura, due to the stock muffler weighing around 4 times more than the yoshi and it is also almost silent(loudpipessavelives;) ). It has twin 310mm non abs on the front that pull up quite well, although they need a bit of encouragement for them to start pulling up. Six speed transmission that sits at around 6000rpm at 110kph. The front suspension is soft in the stock setting same with the rear, With a bit of tuning it makes the bike much more stable and responsive. It weighs a massive 241kg wet.. thats just over 20kg lighter than a hayabusa, Im 6'2" and 100kg, so for me the bike is easy to manage. At slow speeds you can feel how heavy the bike is, But bring it upto speed you dont even notice the weight with it easy to throw through corners. The stock seat isn't the most comfortable i have been astride on but it sure isn't the worst either, but there is aftermarket seats available if its an issue. Under seat storage really isnt an issue, I have a disc lock, digital pressure gauge, full tyre repair kit and i have space for my phone and wallet still. the cluster consists of a full size rpm counter and a digital speed display that also features a clock, 5 bar fuel gauge. the shift light is adjustable from 7500rpm up to redline, the light is also dimable and a choice of flash or constant. It has a 18L fuel tank which is quite good, although the fuel gauge goes onto reserve when you use about 10L. Being 6'2" the wind deflection off the screen is directly into my neck/under my helmet, which is slightly annoying but can easily be fixed with an aftermarket option.
    Overall i would recommend the bike, Its got a $10490 ride away price tag, a comfortable riding position, enough power to ride anywhere, an excellent range and it isn't bad on the eyes.

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  2. An insightful review that stands to benefit from re-formatting. Thanks for sharing.
  3. "Being the LAMS it is restricted to 5500rpm" and "sits at around 6000rpm at 110kph"

    So until you de-restricted it, it couldn't hit 110 km/h? :-O
  4. What he said^^^^^^^
  5. Why did I think these had an ECU retsriction, which I imagine might be expensive to derestrict.
  6. There have been reports that, for the GSX650FU, snipping/disconnecting a single wire does the trick.
  7. That is one huge paragraph. :wideyed:
  8. yeah excuse my grammar and spelling I am pretty exhausted. it easily does 110kph when its restricted. And yes it is just a simple as removing a wire (ground) from the ecu because it is a twin mapped ecu.
  9. Fair enough, tis what it is if thats the case
  10. 120kph at 6000rpm. and the limiter isn't a dead stop, the engine engine just feels like its being choked.
  11. Good review and provided all the information I wanted to know when looking at buying one...but could not find :(

    Happy riding Matt
  12. Ignition advance and fuel delivery are rolled off above around 6000 rpm, it still revs higher but the power is curtailed and it's slow going. As previously noted, disconnecting one wire from the ECU restores normal GSX650 performance.
  13. They are a nice bike. The best way to derestrict it is a GSX1250FA:happy:
  14. Ran a 13 flat last night
  15. From a lams 650. Even desrestricted :rolleyes: yeah okay. Maybe over an 8th mile
  16. :popcorn:
  17. worst reaction times all night, rider issues....it has at least a 12.5 in it as it is now.

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  18. Now take a photo that shows the whole time sheet. Should say what vehicle otherwise could be from anything
  19. my number M29 that is at the top right of the page.....they don't label time cards.....but since you really don't believe it

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  20. Respect, 13'ss with a Ventura and panniers!! Noice.