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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by drp, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys im wanting to buy a ECU to derestrict my GSX650F , has anyone had it done by suzuki and if so wat is the ecu part number, i have sourced a couple of ECU's im just wanting to know wat they replace the lams one with and wat part number.

    CHEERS !!

  2. <insert obligatory "Don't do it", "LAMS hold their value", "It's a PITA to re-register" etc comments here...>
    Right, so assuming you know all the above and want to do this anyway...
    Do I really have to go pull my seat off?
  3. Would be much appreciated Nitekreeper !!! plus i will be keeping my old ecu for when i sell it .and have no intention of reregestering it.
  4. <grumble, piss, moan>
    Next time I'm in the shed (later tonight...).
  5. Champion mate Cheers !!
  6. First things first Dave:

    From the Terms & Conditions

    Posting Messages Do's and Dont's
    * DO use the search function and/or check the FAQ section before posting; your question may have already been answered
    * DON'T post the same message in multiple forums

    and secondly a visit to the Welcome Lounge is always a good idea ;)

    Now to answer to your (annoyingly repeated) question. Don't bother, if the restrictions stifle you that much, sell your LAMS bike (it will actually be more valuable as such) and buy the non-LAMS variant... or something else.
  7. Checked the FAQ ,could not find anything,as for the value of keeping it LAMS i will still have that option because i will have my old ECU if i go to get rid of it.I have no ambition of doing it "the right way " and getting it registered as a non lams bike.
  8. "It's your money Ralph."
  9. Yup. He implied he knew all that (legals, CTP, other insurance etc), and I believe information wants to be free...
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  11. hahaha bloody hell hey, like i said nitekreepe and j3st3r dont give a **** about the rego,ctp,and all the other shit coz I WILL STILL HAVE MY ****ING OLD ECU to put back in at that time, all i originally wanted was the part number off the ECU off another bike,which you said you had, but it looks like you havent got off your ass and had a look coz you have been to busy being critical of me posting things more than once,dont worry about it mate i have just had a call off a mates mate ,mate who works for "a well know bike manufacturer"with the right part number. i should have known better than joining one of these stupid bloody forums coz they are generally full of smartasses that dont know the first thing they are talking about, no offence chrome you are not included in this, cheers for the link to the other thread but it was a few years old and did not contain the info i needed.