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GSX650F vs SV650S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gixxerman60097, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I could use some advise... 5 years ago I sold the first and only bike I've ever owned. A 97 GSXR 600, yes, foolishly I bought this as my first bike. I rode it for 2 years without incident and fell in love with its performance. Due to a series of events and the fact that I knew I was going to end up causing myself serious damage I decided to give up my bike.

    Now 5 years later I have a serios itch to start riding again. My problem lies with the fact that I want a that handles like a Gxsr (favorite part of riding is really lay out through turns) but I'm not interested in going Mach 2 anymore.

    I have been looking around and initially started to lean towards going with a SV650S but had the opportunity to test ride a GSX650F today, have not rode an SV yet. I was really impressed with how smooth the GSX was, thought it was rather lively and handled relatively well. I really didn't get to really test the handling seeing it was wet out and this was the first bike I have been on in 5 years.

    I'm hoping I can get some advice from some of you out there. Again I'm looking for something that handles like a rocket and has enough giddey up because most of the people I will be riding with ride 750's or bigger. No plans on racing any of them, I know I wouldn't stand a chance on either bike but don't want to get absolutely left behind.
  2. Have you considered the GSR600?
    It lacks a fairing but being basically a de-tuned GSXR600 it might be exactly what you're after.
  3. I have a GSX650F and as you may of felt its got plenty of get up and go ,there wouldn't be a great deal or topend speed difference .
    Top speed by GPS is around 210- 220 ..from bike mags .
    One might get there quicker then the other ,just comes down you which one you like better for.

    The looks
    Vtwin v Inline4.
    If you really like to lay it over the SV is better ,but as a few PRO reviewers have said ,the GSX is quicker threw the country road twistys as your not as head down ass up and you have a better seating position to see threw the corners .

    But most of all ,the thing with the GSX650F is the weight ..its not lite ,BUT as your know now its well balanced , :grin: , but if your going to spend ALOT of time in the city zipping in and out of the traffic ,like a motorcycle courier would ,the the SV would be better .
    Just my 1c.