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GSX650F or GSX500F Lams?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stenzel, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I went in to look at a new bike today, the Suzuki GSX650F lams and the GSX500,

    Had a play with both, and the both feel pretty good.... Though the 500 feels a bit better being not quite as "large" feeling as the 650. Am a bit worried that I might drop the 650 as I cant both feet flat foot when I come to a stop.

    I really am considering the 500 more now but I have a feeling that ill kick myself if I dont get the 650, does anyone have any experience with the 500? I haven't really find any side by side comparisions with the 650.

    (I tried to search but didn't find to much, its probably a silly question as in the end Im the only one who can make the decision but its been playing in my head all day after I got home from my local bike dealer)

  2. By coincidence I too test rode a GSX500F this morning. Smooth, responsive and easy to ride. That inline 4 sounds great and it was so pleasant to ride. I've never liked the flat exhaust note of parallel twins, so I'd go the 650 between those two.
  3. Buy the cheapest. In twelve months you will want more, so you will be selling it.
  4. That's what I was thinking, the 500 should satisfy me enough till I could get something when I get my R licence, by then I should also feel more comfortable tip toeing/one foot planted hopefully.Being around $2000 (maybe a bit more) cheaper also helps me put that in the kitty for better gear or saving for another bike.
  5. what is a gsx500f i have hread of the gs500f but never gsx500f?
  6. Pretty sure the gs500f is just a faired version of the gs500, and the gsx500f is a de-tuned version of it's supersport (gsxr) counterpart. I'm not 100% sure on that though.
  7. yeah the gs500f is a faired version of the gs500 but i have never seen or hread of a gsx500f
  8. Just another sort of bike produced for another market of people I guess.
  9. After googling GSX500F, I kept coming up with photo's of the GS500F, so it seems its one and the same.
  10. Important points:
    1) You want to learn on a bike you feel comfortable with.
    2) Either bike probably won't be the bike you want in a year or two.

    My opinion based on limited evidence:
    I have to confess I haven't ridden either, but I don't like the idea of an impaired bike (meeting the LAMS requirement by limiting the performance by the computer or some other artificial means, rather than the engine), which I believe the GSX650F is, wheareas the GS500F (that is what you mean?) is unrestricted.
  11. My VT400 is unrestricted, I far preferred the GSX650FU which is restricted. It was smoother, had more power, went faster and cruised in a more relaxed manner.
    The impairement is that the top end is rolled off. There is little or no additional power above around 7000 rpm compared to the unrestricted version. It has plenty of low and midrange power (apparently the same as the unrestricted version).
  12. Both restricted and unrestricted GSX650F are the same in power up to 130km/h, or so I've read.

    I knew my time on my 650 was coming to an end after riding back from Phillip Island one year, when overtaking required a drop or 2 down to get up to speed. I had the bike for 18 months and it never missed a beat.

  13. What you need to consider is , what kind of riding will you be doing ?
    Both are good bikes!!
    The 650 can be lowered, one in melb recently had that done.
    Personally I'd go the 650, but I have ridden for a couple of years, I had a gsx750f which the 650 has replaced, they are a comfy and very competent bike [650] so are the 500.
    Take them both for a 'long ride' doing what you will be, eg traffic, or twisties.
    In the end, get what YOU are comfortable with, and feel safest on, it is going to be YOU paying for the bike, and riding it, either way, like all of us, you'll have a huge smile to show you chose the right bike for your needs, and then theres always 'next year' if you want to change.
  14. Apologizes,

    I was very vague when I made topic!

    Basically -

    5ft 8"

    Want the bike for daily ride to work (10km) weekend highway trips (200km+ round trips) and enough power to be able to give it a little and have me smiling (until I can get my R licence and am ready to move onto something even more funner)

    Basicially I've looked at 250s etc, they honest don't feel right to me when I sit on them, even though most people probably would recommend one to me.

    Looked at SV650s, Ninja 650s etc but the GSX500 and GSX650 are what I have narrowed it down too. (Yes, the bike in my lcoal shop is labeled GSX500, not GS500 etc etc even though I can't even find a GSX500 on Suzuki Website!!)

    Will edit or make another post shortly with the pros and cons ive found in both of them.
  15. I own a 2012 gsx650f, its an absolutely brilliant bike, But due to its frame construction its quite top heavy, which isnt a problem untill your trying to do very slow maneuvers then you can start to feel it. Its quite a responsive bike although when its in restricted mode its slightly choppy in the power delivery and once your over 6k theres nothing there(easy enough to fix as the LAMS model comes with the full powed map and is extremely easy to swap to). The stock tyres are absolue rubbish on them in the wet. It handles corners better than you would expect for a sports tourer. The bike is so quiet with the stock exhaust you can hear the throttle relay click on and off. The only fault I have is that the fuel pump makes a whine when not on load.
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  16. I've ridden both, spent my Ps on the 650FU.

    The 500 is all it can ever be. The 650 can be derestricted with a snip of a wire, apparently (there are obvious caveats to this). I think the 650 rides better than the 500, and was less temperamental in the cold. I wouldn't own the 500. I would have kept the 650 for maybe a year or two if I had known about the derestriction option; but when I owned it the only way people knew was to buy a new ECU.

    However. Considering there are really good examples of the Honda CB400 with low km on BS for under $8,000, I really don't recommend either, I'd get the CB400. But that's just me.

    I have a soft spot for Suzuki, but the Honda is just magic, and I reckon a perfect beginner bike.
  17. there is no such bike as the GSX500F currently produced by suzuki, especially none that are learner legal, op was talking about GS500F. Willing to stake my life on it.

    Anyway, the 650 is a better bike than the 500, thats why it costs more, i would recommend going for it over the 500 if you can afford, it has much better brakes and suspension, and is faster. Get it derestricted after you get used to the power.
  18. I was sure it said GSX500F on the side of the fairing like the GSX650, I am probably wrong though. Either way, if I can afford the 650 next weekend, I will most likely ride away with it. The height/weight issue isn't as bad as I thought the 2nd time I hopped on it.
  19. I have a GS500F. Although i cant comment on the GSX650 as i have never taken one for a spin, I can say that the 500 was a brilliant bike to learn on and very good value for the money. At the end of the day there are bikes out there with better suspension, that are faster, etc. etc. but you pay for it.
    I am about the same height and weight as you and it fits me really well. THey are extremely fuel economical and comfortable (I have done lots of weekend trips easily going 800km in a day, and if you dont wring its neck I get about 3.8L/100km fuel economy).

    It has been super reliable, and the parallel twin engine has mountains of low end torque and sounds amazing with an exhaust.

    Thats my 2c.
  20. Fuel injection, bigger brakes, better suspension, digital cluster, better motor etc, all good reasons to go for the 650F if you can afford it. I had a GS500F and whilst I loved it, the 650F would be the better bike both for convenience (FI), safety (brakes, suspension) and comfort (highway).

    That said, I wouldn't buy a GSX650F. There's plenty of better options out there for similar money. Kawasaki have the Ninja 650RL, Yamaha's XJ6F, Honda's CB400, even the Ducati Monster if you can afford to up the budget a bit.