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GSX650F or DL650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mikkey, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I am a 50 year old fart who has decided to get back into riding after more then 25 years of inactivity.

    I have reserached the market via the net including this great site and come to the conclusion that either the new GSX650F or the VSTROM 650 would probably suit me best.

    I can't make up my mind and am keen to get your feedback. Here are some points about me which influence my choice:

    1) 5"10 and 92 KG with a little back problems and not the most flexible person, i.e. looking for upright and comfortable riding position.
    2) Driving profile is commuting in Melbourne during the week and some week-end driving.
    3) An "easy" to ride bike (also due to my lengthy lay-off, and yes I will be doing a rider course soon to get some skills).
    4) I am not a "racer"....

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. i'd pick the Strom.

    i've not ridden either but by all accounts the strom is an awesome bike (not saying the other isn't though) and the sit up seating position would suit your needs and give a great view in traffic.

    vtwin will also give you low down power for easy commuting.

    other may have more knowledgable comments but that would be my choice given your requirements.
  3. Buy the storm, the gsx650f is a entry level racer, the bike works best and is most enjoyable when you ride it like your wayne gardner imo, i can say this you will enjoy the gsx650f and it will have you wanting a gsxr1000 in no time.Goodluck.
  4. Hi Mikkey.

    The GSX650F will do all want and more.
    The GSX650F is very popular with a few people that are getting back into riding ,and its not as "sit up and eat "as you would think :wink: it is alittle sportier then it looks ,but bar risers are avalible.

    If you want to ride in the dirt go the Strom ,but if your not into the dirt then consider the GSX.
    Here is a website for the GSX650F ,its got all the mods you can add ,like touring gear and screens etc and alot of reviews all in the one place makes it easy to do abit of research.

    Just take both bikes for a ride and ride any thing you can get your hands on ,some thing else might not look the best on paper ,but you'll like it when you ride it.

    Good luck with what ever you get ,no mater what you'll still have a ball being back on a bike.
    Sled. :)
  5. Commuting + bad back = DL (IMO)
  6. Haven't managed a ride on Sled's 650 yet :wink:

    But have ridden a Strom - great bike. At 5' 10" you may cop some buffetting, but there is an after market screen available.

    Other advantage of the Strom is its ability to handle bumpy secondary roads and of course smooth gravel if that's where you might want to head.

    But test ride them both and maybe an FZ6 if you like the inline four
  7. I would go with the gsx, i think this is going to be one of those bikes that's going to be well sought after in the future. Because it's a damn good bike
  8. Thanks for the comments so far. A question:

    I read about the buffeting problem of the DL and have not seen a solution all agree on (some say its the mirrors, people disagree which bracket or which screen does the trick). Anyone know which device solves this and at which cost?
  9. Also depends on how tall you are. You might be fine, test ride and see.

    These guys are at least local so you can chat to'em

  10. Welcome back to 2 wheels mate !
    The 'upright' postion is more forgiving for us 'old farts' esp those of us with back problems.
    Wind buffetting isn't a huge issue for me, I'm a smallish guy.
    Good Luck !
  11. They're both very good bikes, but they're quite different in goals and character. My initial response based on the info you provided would be to go for the Strom, but there really is no substitute for doing the longest and most varied possible test ride on each of them to decide what works for *you*.
  12. I guess the other consideration is that the Strom has been around for a while and the GSXF is brand new. That has implications both in terms of sifting out any potential problems and in terms of the possibility (which I'd recommend) of buying a bike a couple of years old rather than a brand new one, for depreciation reasons.
  13. The gsx is brand new ,by NAME only .

    The bike is a 1250 and 650 bandit frame ,tank ,forks, seat ,bars cable ,brakes .............,the guages are off a GSXR1000 2005 ,Fairing is off a 2005.

    The motor is of a 2007 bandit 650 .....,its really a bandit 650 ,thats one of the best selling road bikes in the UK and have been for 10 years.
    Its just been tweeked over that time.

    Only part thats not tryed and tested is the GSX650F sticker ,Im guessing it will last the test. :wink:
  14. There are heaps of people in various adventure sports goups who swear by the MadStad adjustable screen brackets for fixing the DL buffeting problem (sometimes in combination with a givi screen or other taller screen).


    Personally I never noticed any buffetting when I test rode the wee strom but I'm only 5'8" in height.

    More of the complaints seem to come from medium sized riders, shorter people and really tall people seem to have less trouble.
  15. I'd be giving the nod to the GSX as it's pretty much a capable mid size bike by all accounts. If you've been away so long you will be amazed what mid sized machines are capable of.

    As said elsewhere the GSX is a 650 Bandit and having said that a 1250 Bandit wont scare the life out of you (unless you want it to) and are fantastic value.

    Have a look at the forums at maximum-suzuki.com There is heaps of info on the 650/1250 Bandits and DL's
  16. I'd take the Strom for with anti-lock brake option.
  17. Hi and welcome to NR.

    The DL650 ticks all your boxes and then some.

    Just bought mine a couple of weeks ago and am rapt with it.

    Just chuck a madstad on it to fix up the only design flaw on an otherwise perfect bike and away you go.

    I haven't ridden the GSX, but I reckon the Strom would be better for commuting being a vtwin.

    If you want to test ride a DL, head on down to Mick Hone Suzuki in Box Hill and have a chat with Ziggy.

    Good luck with your decision.
  18. Thanks to all for the input.

    I just closed the deal for a second hand DL650.

    It's a 2005 with only 13.2 thousand KM and with OEM exhaust and in good nick. I got the dealer to throw crash bars and 12 month rego in for a drive away price of $7,600. Plus 20% of for all the gear I now need. I think thats a great deal. Really looking forward to picking it up in a few days.

    A last question: I need to refresh my skills. Anyone can recommend a course or tutoring in the Melbourne area??
  19. I reckon the vstrom will suit you to a tee. 7600 sounds like a pretty decent price, especially with all that extra stuff as well. I haven't ridden the 650 version, but i've spent a fair bit of time on my dad's 1000 and it is very comfy (and pretty quick too). Feels strange ripping thru the twisties so high up and in such an upright comfy seat. Good work, dude :cool: