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GSX650F LAMS or Ninja 650RL LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by elcamino, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I was just about put an order in for the GSX650F but then came accross the Ninja in a 650cc LAMS. Both are similar in performance and now I'm having some difficultly in deciding which one to buy. Any thoughts??

  2. The ninja is euro spec restriction, ie. 33hp, versus the GSX650F which is about 50hp, on par with 150kw/tonne.

    Kawasaki has made a big mistake by only providing us with a 33hp version..

    If you're going to swap out the ecu for full power its not really an issue though, even with full power its a sensible amount of power providing you've been riding for a while.
  3. Personally I'd hold off on buying until you at least have a word with the fellow at the dealer about derestricting. Ask a couple of questions involving the cost and availability for whatever needs doing. I've heard some sketchy things, but I'm sure talking to a dealer will clear it up.

    I say go for whichever one you want to stay with once you're on your fulls. The 50hp Gixxer would be my bet, though. A 33hp 650 wouldn't be many peoples cup of tea...

    - boingk
  4. GSX is a piece of shit, why not the SV650?
  5. Suzuki weighs a tonne.....
  6. Which gives it better 'at speed' road manners :)

    i4 vs v2

    Apples vs oranges
  7. Even replacing the ECU to de-restrict (if that's all it needs?) would not be a cheap exercise.
  8. $150 for a second hand one isn't unheard of. And someone was mentioning that for this model it can be bypassed with some creative wire snipping, due to the way its restricted..
  9. Hmmm, maybe... assuming you can get one out of an ER6 or KLR650 that'll work.

    Keep in mind though, even de-restricted this motor only puts out 53kW of parallel twin meekness. It ain't no ZX-6R, the 'Ninja' name, model name and fairing is pure marketing. Sheep in wolfs clothing, and probably won't keep many people happy for long once off restrictions.

    Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, might be exactly what some people are after, I just don't like the habit of diluting the real sports 'brands' (ZX-*R, CBR*, R*... they all seem to be doing it) by plastering them on commuter bikes.
  10. Thanks for your feedback everyone,
    Based on the info you have given me I have decided on the GSX. I also liked the analogue/digital style instruments compared to the digital bathroom scale style on most bikes these days. The GSX also has gear indicators which can come in handy when learning.

    On the other hand, the Ninja 650RL is more visually appealling.
  11. I agree, the '650R Ninja' badging (copied from the US) is a bit wanky. Just call them ER6F and move on methinks.. Same with the '250R Ninja', but hey its all about sales and if it sounds and looks sporty thats good enough for most people. Its (unrestricted) power isn't the problem though, 70hp is plenty apart from for higher speed areas.

    Camino, check out the SV.
  12. =D> The dash on the GSX is easy to read in most light conditions. It's my 2nd bike and boy am I racking up the K's. Good for long rides as well

  13. Yea that sorta annoys me too. Pretty much every bike Kawa makes is a Ninja, my bike's a ninja, a GPX is a Ninja, the 250R is a Ninja, that 600cc sports tourer is a Ninja, and finally the sports bikes are Ninja's. Kinda makes it pointless to say "I own a Ninja" and dilutes the name.

    Hang on, do you mean hp or kw? I'm not trying to nit pick I'm just wondering, as a 600cc with 33hp would seem to be way underpowered compared to its weight.
  14. There's no power figures listed on the Kawasaki website for the LAMS version - funnily enough. Realistically, it probably is way underpowered for it's weight, whether 33 kW or HP!

    The LAMS restriction is a max of 150kW per tonne, so a bike that weighs roughly 200kg that's a max allowable power of around 30kW.
  15. He's referring to the lams restricted versions. So he means hp.

    And I agree, kawasaki referring to every fully faired bike as a Ninja is very wankey. Just like honda calling the 125 a 'CBR'.
  16. the kawasaki site list the power of the 650RL as 25kw with 52Nm torque @ 3500 rpm. dont know the figures for the GSX650F but I would think it would have more power than 25Kw.
    not sure if the Kawasaki can be deristricted though.

  17. True Sheik, I have tested both over the previous months and the Zook definitely felt more powerful. It is a heavy sonofabitch though, 241kg dry I think. I have been researching for a while on what to get and I got the GSX in the end. It has a bit more of an upright/tourer riding position but still looks mostly like a sportsbike. It just felt better to me and suited me better, being 6'1" and 110kegs. The Ninja does look more aggressive and some people will prefer that. You should go sit on one if you are still not completely sold on either.
    I find that the low end power is more than enough, that probably has something to with the way it restricted that affects the power at higher revs. It will suit many people as a long term bike because of its size and power (even restricted) but my plan is to learn as much as possible on it for the three years of restrictions and upgrade.

    According to all of the information I have received/read it will cost up to $3K to de-restrict it properly and legally. It will also involve de-registering and re-registering as a non-LAMS bike. Of course there are dodgy ways around all that but it opens up concerns with registration/insurance etc...
    Resale of the LAMS versions are also expected to be $1.5K-$2K better than an unrestricted one due to the limited availability. If you add up the extra resale and cost of de-restricting it makes more sense to upgrade when you're done with it.
  18. I seriously doubt the LAMS status will increase resale anywhere near 2k. More like 500-1000 max, since they're damn cheap to begin with.

    Eg. 10-11 grand ride away, its not going to be worth 12-13 grand just after you purchase. And after its 3 years old instead of being worth around 6-7k, it wont be worth 7.5-9k.
  19. I think he means as opposed to the unrestricted ones?
  20. Test ride them both and buy the bike you like. Anything else is meaningless banter. :)