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Gsx250f torque question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ben1, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. hey guys n girls,

    i have a question about the torque on my 93 suzuki across.
    Ever since i got it 4-5 months ago it has always been quit bogish when i take off and mid-range was ok but always been great up top, last week i moved my needles off stock position up 1 to make it leaner, the reason i did this is because once it warmed up and started getting hot mid-range would start to splutter.
    the outcome of moving the needles is magnificant, from 1/4 throttle the thing just takes off (very happy with that outcome) even when it starts to get hot the performance stays the same as when cooler which is great.

    soooo... im just wondering if the is anyway to increase the "take-off" torque? cause it is quit bogish untill it hits that 1/4 throttle mark.
    or is there anything that coud be decreasing the torque in that area i.e dirty air-filter etc..

    thanks all

  2. A few things;
    Carb balance
    Throttle control
    Dont expect to much from a screaming 4cyl.
    The rush you are talking about is when the power comes on. Not much to do with "torque".
  3. First think I thought is "Balance the carbies". Also, if you've changed the main jet setting, change the pilot screw settings, too.
  4. When you say you raised the needles, do you mean exactly that, or did you raise the clip, thus lowering the needle?
    If the needle is lower, then it is now leaner and if that makes it run better then I would suspect an underlying problem that was making it too rich, such as dirty air filter or float level too high.