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gsx250f chain noises

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chubbs, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I just bought an across today, and i was driving it home and i realized alot of noises that i think were coming from the chain mainly when slowing down. I am a noob with bikes, so im a bit concerned.

    i got warranty on the bike, i asked the dude at the dealer and he said the noise is normal when slowing down, but sounds a bit dodgy.

    could someone guide me into how to check if there is something wrong, or if its normal.

  2. It's not normal for the chain to make strange sounds. Check the tension on the chain, you should have about a 2cm (approx) slack on it. Also check if the sprockets need to be replaced, although if the bike came with a RWC the sprockets and chain should be fine.
  3. the oldies say an inch slack is what you need, thats just over 2cm so i agree with flipper, look at that and if it has more take it to the dealer and tell them to tighten it.
    if you roll your bike in neutral with motor off, and hear crunchy sounds or similar, your chain and/or sprockets may be worn.
    worn sprockets have bent teeth, or missing teeth.
    worn chains....well sometimes they LOOK ok, but are stretched.

    put some pressure on the dealer if you find it to be out of tolerance and you might just get some free new stuff!
    they are not the most expensive things to replace anyway :)

    chains do make noise of a sort, if you are new to bikes maybe you dont know what they sound like? but if it seems abnormal, pressure the dealer. they rely on word of mouth for business.
    good luck!
  4. thanks guys,
    going to try see if bike makes noise still when in rolling neutral.