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gsx250f across

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  2. My first ride was an across. Great for its rear fuel tank and helmet storage. Only thing I didnt like was how slow it was in 1st and 2nd. I deemed it the slug.
  3. My first bike was an early model (red) Across. Really liked it. Great practical bike. Revved to 16,000 if I recall correctly. I even took it to a track day at Eastern Creek :).
    Then a friend let me ride his RZ 500 Yamaha (what a beast) and that was that. Speed junkie, so the Across didn't even make it up to the time I got my full licence.
  4. lol it used to be real fast in first and second until 2 weeks after i got it. ive ridden an mt07 and since then the across nothing. i seem to be on full throttle most of the time now so i think it may be time for an upgrade.
  5. yeah 16500 is where the redline starts but theres not much in it after 15k
  6. Are you on your open learner licence at the moment? I suggest holding onto the bike and save the money towards your unrestricted bike. If I was able to duke it out for a year on the metal slug I think you can too :)

  7. lol i've had my unrestricted licence for just over a year but i wasn't ready to upgrade at the time. now im ready but not sure what i want so i might just go shopping lol