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GSX250F Across Questions

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kungfupigeon, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, first off I want to ask, the fuel tap position.

    The Across has 3 positions, off, on and reserve. If i was to leave my bike overnight... would i switch the tap to the off position? The manual states: "turn the lever to off when stopping the engine for more than a few minutes"... this seems a little excessive? or will not turning it off really damage the carbs?

    Also, after i switch the fuel tap to on, recently I've been trying to start it, but i get the ignition noise .... but the engine doesn't start kicking in...did this with choke on or off... have i not let enough time for the fuel to go through? or is it the battery? i only noticed this after i started turning the fuel tap off after each time I ride..
  2. i never turn the fuel tap off on my across and only ride maybe twice a week and i never have any drama's with it, starts 1st time every time.
  3. Make sure the choke is fully on or off. Dont bother with partial choke for starting.

    Also its good to make a heavy gauge wire battery connector in an easy to reach place such as under the seat, so you can hook a charger to the battery regularly.

    The engine is very hard to fire with a weak spark.
  4. tried push starting it and it works.... so im guessing it's battery or a weak connection?