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Gsx250f Across Bent Handlebar

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bulby, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I have no idea how that was even possible, really. It was only a stationary drop at the parking lot. I was pushing the bike out of a tight parking spot, and me being the klutz that I am, somehow managed to tip her over to the far side and she was already leaning too far right by the time I realised, so down she went with one solid dull thump. And that's how it happened. As the title said, I'm very positive that the right clip-on handlebar on my Across is now bent. The bike most likely landed square on the tip of the bar-end.

    Another boo-worthy thing is, with the Across being an old-ish discontinued model, I'm having a hard time finding a replacement part for the bar. Any suggestion where I should look? Or is there an alternative (preferably simpler) fix?

    Edit: Someone suggested a hammer. I assumed that was a joke, but I'm seriously considering it now... LOL.
  2. You shouldn't need to find anything specific to an Across. Just measure the diameter and length of the bar, and have a look for a generic clip-on bar that's a match (or find somewhere selling bars and ask them if they have, or can make, something to suit).

    Either that or just look around wreckers for a replacement. The Across is certainly common enough here that there should be no shortage of crashed ones somewhere.
  3. Thanks, jd. I'll try the wreckers.
  4. You can try bending it back if it's steel but DO NOT DO IT if it's aluminium. Once you bend the metal back (assuming it's a fairly big bend) you can fatigue the metal and... yeah shouldn't have to go into more details why that would be bad.