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GSX250 Electrics

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Matty J, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Just a few questions for anyone who's still up..

    I have a '81 GSX 250... its my first "Road Bike"...

    I keep blowing headlights, the mechanic ive been seeing (not in that way, you dirty minds, I'm married) says that its my charging system, needs another service, and yes i know he's right..

    My bike is starting to cause me a few probs...

    Should I....

    1) Take it in for a service where they'll fix it, or
    2)Try and fix it myself ,or
    3)Save a little cash and trade it in for another bike (Maybe a CBR250 RR which I can't afford anyway) ,or
    4)Sit here and wonder if "or" is really a word? Is it? ...or?????

    (Maybe its spelt 'Ore", but i thought that had something to do with viscious metals, and has

    Sorry, got carried away,
    The top part of the thread was legit... (When it got to or, ignore!!)

  2. Electrical problems bike or cage can be tricky to track down unless you find a magician who is also auto electrian.
    Shop the bike around as a trade in in something nice a shiney :)
  3. Hi Matty i work nights also, not having much fun tonite as i have hayfever :(
    Dont know much about electricals on bikes except they are pretty simple id go number 1 and try and find a good one to take it to that know what they are doin i guess :grin:
  4. There is a Haynes manual available for that model bike - if you don't have a copy then perhaps it might be a good investment. Problem does seem to be with the voltage regulator so you could have a go at trying to replace/fix it yourself or if in doubt just take it to an auto electrician. No point in trading it in over a minor problem - whatever you trade it in on could have even worse problems :wink:. Oh and "ore" is the term used for rock containing an economically recoverable quantity of a metal.
  5. Those suzukis had some charging issues. the rectifier was crap and they used to have part of the alternator go., I need to look at a diagram to jog my memory but IIRC one or two of the 3 pickups in the alt would die and it would deliver very spikey current to the rectifier. The common symptom tho is flat batteries. The spikey current tho does sound like the sort of thing that might blow headlights.

    No problems with the charge? Change for a higher output headlight globe.
  6. I reckon find the workshop manual for the bike (do a thread search, there's a heap of resources available) and see if you can't find and fit the appropriate part yourself.
  7. The common fix for all that generation of suzukis up and including my 85 Kat was to fit a Honda rectifier/regulator

    Of course that assumes that that actually is the problem. Sounds likely tho. I can probably give you the wireing key for this, copy it of my bike.
  8. You can buy the manual for your bike here (I've ordered stuff from them before and they're good), might be able to find it cheaper at a 2nd hand bookstore though (if you're lucky enough to find one).
  9. The voltage reg shouldn't cause this problem.

    I say shouldn't, but don't take that to mean won't.

    The head light should run off the battery and as such it acts as a voltage regulator for the headlight.

    If the battery was getting a bit shagged then it might not be holding enough charge and thus the faulty regulator would be showing up post battery.

    So I guess I'm saying it must be the regulator, but the battery must be on it's way out too. How long is anyones guess

    Also check the ratting on the bulb is right. Someone in it's past may have put too small a bulb in and it's not handling the current. Maybe the battery is too small too. That may have similar symptons.
  10. can you measure the voltage at the headlight socket (with the headlight removed) at idle and with revving.

    as for the ores - DIY is great fun (when it goes well). basic servicing isn't hard if you have a service manual and/or someone with experience to help you out :)